White Pages

Welcome to our first iPhone App Review, todays reviews will be done on the White Pages app and the Rain Stick app.

After reviewing this app I had decided to do our first post on the White Pages Mobile app. This app is wonderful and I think that it was made very well.

White Pages Mobile  is a personal phone book at your finger tips. Over 180 million adults listed in the U.S. Find People, Businesses and do Reverse Look Up anytime anywhere. I liked this App mostly for the Reverse Look Up.

Have you ever had a phone number show up on your caller ID you don’t know? I do all the time, and now at the easy of my fingertips I can do a quick reverse lookup and I can identify whose calling me and more!

Update your iPhone contacts instantly, Search all of the U.S. White Pages from anywhere. Auto-detect your current location get map’s and driving directions.

This app has already come in very useful for me, and I believe anyone with a 3G or WIFI connection this app will come in very handy.

Rain Stick

The Rain Stick app, I thought at first may be a fun app or at least a peaceful app. But after testing this app, I have found it to be very pointless. The sound is realistic, but they made the audio for it to be so low you really must keep your phone close to your ears to hear it.

This app was not made with much thought in my opinion, Although the graphics are no too bad, the whole real point of this app would be to hear it. In a 1. to 10. scale I would have to give this app a 2.

They do note on the app store that “if you are having any problems hearing the Rain Stick,please see our Rain Stick Support site (link below)”

If you download an application, then they should work. Its made for the iPhone, there should be no reason why you should have to visit there website, to make the audio work.