Like killing zombies? Looking for a great way to kill time (and BRAIN MUNCHING EVIL ZOMBIES FROM HELL!!). Well look no further, in this game you play an unnamed dude wearing what looks similar to a John deer hat looking to survive…… I would type a long storyline about him being out to avenge the death of his wife due to a brain sucking zombie that then turned her into a brain sucking zombie then he had to kill her and then he lost it and is hellbound on killing every last zombie using any means – but no storyline is needed, unless you want to write your own. Do I see a cool opportunity to make a cool video game trailer? Use your imagination. Anyways, the levels pretty much look the same but there are plenty of weapon upgrades, a shotgun, samarai sword, rocket launcher, and of course a chainsaw! To name a few. This game is honestly my favorite iPhone game to date and the only thing that could make this better is multiplayer over 3g/Bluetooth. ****1/2
Great price at $1.99. There is a lite version available but once you play it you will want the full version. Only thing that could make this better is multiplayer. Check out the video below for gameplay. Or check out the developers website

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