Go through carrier and save a little money on protection.

So here we are – the night of another Apple iPhone preorder cycle. I am happy to say that we have been able to preorder one iPhone 6s Plus 64GB in Gold and are eagerly anticipating it’s arrival on September 25. Now, the interesting thing is that we preordered through Verizon’s online store rather than Apple. Why? Because it was available at 1:55 a.m. CDT versus the Apple Store opening up for preorders at 2:12 a.m. CDT. It may have been a glitch in Verizon’s system, but nonetheless, the order was placed and we should have the beautiful new phone within a couple of weeks.

iPhone 6s Plus Preorder 3

Preorder on the Apple Store

Just a couple things to note about our order process – first, when you order through Verizon, or any other carrier website I’m sure, the process is a little more complicated. For example, Apple gives you one page with all the options you need to select. Verizon starts you on one page, then you navigate through a couple more pages just to get the order completed. Plus, you have to wade through all the accessories and up-sells they try to get you to add to your order. My advice? Ignore it all and just select the phone, your wireless number (if you have more than one line on your account), the color, the size, Apple Care+ and checkout. Keep it simple and don’t let them confuse the issue.

Now, one other thing we wanted to mention this night is that when we placed the order through Verizon, the Apple Care+ price was $30 less than what Apple charges. That’s right. Verizon only charged $99.97 versus the $129 that Apple has upgraded their pricing to for the iPhone 6s Plus. Again, this may be a system glitch, but our order went through with that amount and I’m sure others did, too. Even though you save a little on the protection plan, Verizon still snagged us with a $40 activation fee, which seems ridiculous considering the line is already ‘active.’ We hope that Verizon doesn’t turn around after realizing this mistake and hit us or anyone else with and additional fee.

iPhone 6s Plus Preorder 4

Preorder through Verizon

If you are preordering, let us know what you ordered and what your experience was like in the comment section below. We are excited about this release and can’t wait to bring you the unboxing and review of the new iPhone 6s Plus.