Decent starter case for iPhone 6 Plus users.

iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case Review 3I love cases for my phones. All the different applications for cases astound me. Depending on my activities for the day I stick to two types – total protection for work, and practical for life.

That’s where this wallet cases comes in. I’ve tried several wallet cases in my day and one of the biggest downfalls is the overall bulkiness. This wallet case is very slim without compromising the the integrity of the phone. The only down side to the external case is iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case Review 4the magnetic strap. I realize that for some people this might be an added layer of protection seeing as it holds the case closed, it’s just not for me. I have noticed that most wallet cases do seem to muffle the ringer, but not to worry, there is a nicely designed vent in front of the speaker.

As far as the internal case, having a hard shell case to snap your phone into is a must. The product designer managed to do this while keeping a low profile and still having access to all of the buttons on the side for ease of use.

iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case Review 5The actual wallet portion of the case is pretty basic and that’s where it kind of lost me. With only two card holder slots, it doesn’t really fit my lifestyle. It held two cards just fine, but the edges of the card holders don’t have a sewn seam, and I can see them ripping with everyday wear and tear. Now one of the primary cards that everyone carries is their Driver’s License, and having to pull it out every so often becomes a nuisance, so not having a clear pocket to stick it in was pretty much a deal breaker for me.

For most people looking for a wallet case, this seems to be a decent one to start with. It has good solid protection for your phone and a basic wallet structure that will come in quite handy for most.