No matter your style, there is a case that fits you.

The last thing you want to do with a smartphone that’s the forth most expensive thing you own (after your car and two computers) is kill it with your indelible klutziness, or maybe that’s just me. The iPhone 6 Plus is droppable. The rounded edges and matte aluminum finish, I’ve found, make it pretty susceptible to slipping out of hand, which isn’t ideal.

Thankfully, there are thousands of phone case options available to me. I have received a sampling to start me off.

iPhone 6 Plus Case Roundup 3The first thing I consider when shopping for a phone case is protection. I usually go the “better safe than sorry” route. For example, I used a Spigen Tough Armor case the entire time I had my Samsung Galaxy S5. So the first case we’re looking at is the Wisdompro 2 in 1 Dual Layer Hybrid Combo Case (don’t you love Amazon product names?). It is a two-part case with a soft silicon inner layer and hard plastic shell; it also includes a screen protector, which is a nice touch. The outer layer is textured to make it easier to grip as well. These sort of “defender” cases offer more protection from bumps and drops but tend to add substantial bulk and sacrifice the iPhone’s slick appearance. Personally, I like a little bit of extra heft to my device as it makes me feel like it’s less breakable, but I still want my device to look good. Things to look out for with these cases can be cutouts and alignment with buttons. The thicker cases can obstruct input ports and your ability to press volume and power buttons.

Another thing to consider when considering phone protection is that iPhones are not waterproof. Duh, yes. You know not to throw your phone in the ocean, but things like rain and sweat can sneak up on you on your morning (or midnight) run. Things like uFashion3C’s Waterproof Pouch [with Audio Headphone Jack, Armband and Lanyard] have you covered for those type of scenarios. Working at a theme park with a few rides that splash people, I’ve seen quite a few of these sort of protective pouches. I think they’re a good idea to use situationally, but I wouldn’t use this on a day-to-day basis.

iPhone 6 Plus Case Roundup 4

iPhone 6 Plus Case Roundup 4If you’re looking for less bulk and more personalization, there are some solid options as well. There are a ridiculous number of fashion cases available everywhere, like this feathery one from Buyus or this hardshell case from 3Cworld. These type of inexpensive cases offer basic protection against bumps and scratches (the one from 3Cworld even includes a screen protector) and allow you to dress up your device. The Buyus case features a transparent back patterned with a cute design that doesn’t take away from the iPhone’s already-stylish appearance. The rubber bumper provides a more secure grip on the phone, and the dust plugs keep your input ports (though I found them a tad annoying). The case from 3Cworld also plays nice with the iPhone’s design, though it isn’t quite my cup of tea.

Another option which combines style and practicality is the wallet case, like this turquoise one from J&D Tech. Of all the cases, I’ve used this one the most so far. I keep my phone with me at all times, so it makes sense to me to keep all my other important stuff with my phone so it’s all in one place. There’s a flexible plastic case attached to the synthetic leather wallet with three card slots. I’ve never used this type of case before, but I like it. It offers a bit more protection from the elements than the softshell case alone.

iPhone 6 Plus Case Roundup 5

So the point here is that there are options, no matter what you want out of your case. Good luck protecting your smartphones!