iPad vs. Windows 8 commercial pokes fun at the functionality of iOS.

The Apple versus Windows battle rages on with the revolution of the tablet world. The Apple iPad was the first into the marketplace with a successful tablet in 2010. Since then, there have been many followers in the market. The Galaxy series by Samsung and the Kindle Fire by Amazon.com are two leaders in the non-Apple tablet market. And, most recently, the Microsoft Surface series has joined the pack.

Looking at the first quarter sales of 2013, Apple’s iPad still leads the market with 39.6% of the market share. This figure showed a slight decrease in its sales from first quarter of 2012 (58.1%), but it still leads by a substantial margin over the next highest seller, the Samsung Galaxy (17.9%).

This is all important to note in relation to the newest commercial released by Microsoft poking fun at the Apple iPad. The commercial features the Asus VivoTab and the Apple iPad. The voiceover is actually the voice of Siri, Apple’s personal voice assistant for iOS. The commercial is actually a sales tactic for the operating system, Microsoft Windows 8, which is not only included with new Windows machines, but also included on Windows tablets.

What I found interesting about this new ad from Microsoft, and the reason why I decided to write an editorial on the subject, is that Microsoft decided to feature the Asus VivoTab instead of a Microsoft Surface tablet. I think the most likely reason is because the Surface can’t look good against the iPad. The biggest issue with the Surface is the available space. It’s billed as a 64GB tablet, but only 23GB is available for the user. The iPad comes with over 57GB of available space.

The point is that even though Microsoft was imitating the Apple branded commercials as well as show their partners’ products in a good light, their product, Windows 8, still falls short of the every growing competition. My opinion is that this ad campaign, will not help their cause. Check out the video below and judge for yourself.