The Premium Leather iPad Folio by MacCase provides elegant style and superior function for the user.

There is no denying that my iPad is my favorite Apple device. I take it with me everywhere and use it frequently both for personal and professional use. I am definitely the target market for this device. In addition to enjoying my apple products, I am also fiercely protective of them. While I understand that the iPhone 5 was built to sustain everyday use, I still wanted to secure it with a case. I have felt the same way about my iPad since the day I received it as a gift. It has rarely been in my hands without some sort of covering around it.

I have tried out different keyboard cases, which are nice for when I need to write for extended periods of time, but again, for everyday use, a simple, secure, stylish case it what I want. I was recently introduced to MacCase, a company that specializes in creating cases for Apple products that have form and function working for the user.


About MacCase
MacCase started in 1999 with the creation of a portable laptop case for the original Tangerine iBook. Like the product it was meant to protect, the MacCase laptop bag was colorful and different. MacCase still offers unique, stylish products. Chief Creative Officer Michael Santoro has taken inspiration from many sources including automobiles and aircraft interiors. The company remains dedicated to Apple customers and committed to creating premium, industry leading products specifically for them.

The MacCase Premium Leather Collection is their newest line of products and includes iPad cases, laptop sleeves, flight jackets and shoulder bags.

Premium Leather iPad Folio
A part of the MacCase Premium Leather Collection, the iPad Folio is a genuine work of art. It is built from premium leather (textured or vintage) and has white stitching across the product. The frame of the folio is a custom stamped and welded alloyed steel frame, which ensures that the iPad will fit perfectly and stay secure within the case. The interior of it is black suede, which provides protection from scratches. The interior frame does not obstruct the touch screen at all and there is an interior flap that holds the iPad securely in place.

Mac-Case-Folio-2The iPad Folio features Smart Cover technology and will automatically wake the iPad when opened or send it into sleep mode when closed. The high quality magnets make the cover closure both secure and elegant. The folio easily folds to allow for easy screen typing or movie watching

One of the most advanced features of the iPad Folio is the ‘SoundBoard’ speaker enhancement. There is a hard leather insert inside the cover near the iPad speaker, which bounces sounds away from the case and towards the user. This increases the fidelity and allows lower volumes to be used, thus saving battery life.

What we thought
Mac-Case-Folio-3The iPad Folio, as I stated earlier, is a true work of art. The handmade quality is unmatched and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The leather is beautiful. I have long been a fan of the ‘distressed’ leather look and I was highly impressed when I took this piece out of the box. Most cases I’ve seen, even other leather ones, don’t have the kind of detail that this one does. The MacCase logo is engraved into the leather on the front, while Michael Santoro’s signature is on the back. The spine of the folio features the word ‘MacCase’ on it, which I feel is a nice branding touch.

Even without the iPad in it, the folio feels sturdy. I have seen so many cases that sacrifice security for style, but MacCase does not. The iPad Folio is, in my opinion, the perfect combination of elegance and safety for the iPad.

The SoundBoard feature is a great addition. I have seen something similar with many newer cases on the market, but the MacCase SoundBoard speaker enhancement is included without being seen. It’s great because it means I don’t have to cup my hand around the speaker to hear the audio. I can simply watch and listen to my favorite movies and TV shows without needing additional equipment or speaker assistance.

Mac-Case-Folio-4The MacCase Premium Leather iPad Folio is an overall great piece. It’s got fantastic style while maintaining functionality. Pictures really don’t do it justice. You just can’t appreciate the iPad Folio until you hold it in your own hands.

The MacCase Premium Leather iPad Folio is available for the iPad 3 and 4 models ($159.95) as well as the iPad Mini ($99.95). With the exceptional quality of this case, one would expect that it would cost much more than it does. One of the first cases I bought for my iPad cost about $15. It was flimsy and I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel as though it protected my iPad very well. It was better than a naked iPad, but only by a little. The iPad Folio is well worth the purchase price as there are many other high-end leather pieces that go for thousands of dollars and aren’t as well built the Folio.

Visit for more information on their great products. 


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