Thoughts of the iPad Air

During the Apple Keynote event on October 22, 2013, the Apple iPad Air was announced along with the iPad Mini Retina. I am quite familiar with the iPad, Apple’s tablet computer, as I have owned every model to date with the exception of the iPad 4th Gen. Even though I anticipated the iPad refresh this fall, I still had to think very hard about making the upgrade on Launch Day. For one thing, I knew the iPad Mini would be launched later in November than the iPad Air and I was on the fence about which model I wanted to upgrade to.


I ended up deciding to purchase the iPad Air on its Launch Day, November 1, 2013. Other than the size, the iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina share the same specifications. With that in mind, I decided that having the full-sized iPad was the best choice.  Once purchased, I wanted to give it a thorough testing period before posting a review. I could tell from the moment I held the iPad Air in my hands that I knew I was going to love it. The most noticeable feature of the iPad Air is it’s light weight. The iPad Air only weighs 1.03lbs, which is almost half a pound less than its predecessor, the iPad 4th Gen and the model before that, the iPad 3. In preparation for the new acquisition, I sold my iPad 3. So, I did not have it to compare side-by-side, but I did have an original iPad Mini for weight comparison. The iPad Mini weighs 0.65 lbs, but the iPad Air actually feels lighter.

The iPad Air is quite a bit thinner than the iPad 3 & 4, too. The iPad Air is only 7.5mm thick, a full 2mm less than the iPad 4 or 3. Even though the iPad Air is a bit too large to carry in my pocket (the Mini is not), carrying it around is much more like the Mini due to its size and weight.

If you are interested in the iPad Mini Retina, I would suggest keeping your eyes on the Apple Store Online because it looks like they might be in short supply like the iPhone 5S – Gold was.

I’ve used the iPad Air every day since the launch. It’s been a great way to work and play. I’ve gotten better battery life out of it than any other iPad I’ve owned and I’ve actually found that the battery life is better than the Apple Spec of 10 hours. I’ve also noticed that the iPad Air tends to charge faster than previous iPad models. I believe this is due to the inclusion of a 12 Watt charger brick (previous models only have a 10 Watt).

The new front facing camera produces 720P HD video. While I haven’t had the chance to record video with it, I have done FaceTime using the camera and I’ve noticed a large improvement in the quality of the video. Something else I’ve noticed is that the speaker seems to have received a power bump, too. This is not an advertised upgrade, but I’ve definitely noticed that my speaker is louder since I purchased the iPad Air.

With the 64-Bit desktop processor, I’ve noticed my iPad Air now has a spring in its step. It’s really tearing through my work. I know not a lot of apps have really taken advantage of the power yet, but in the coming months, I believe you will start seeing some great stuff from the App Store.


The iPad has always been a great way to work and enjoy content, but it’s now even better. The only ‘complaint’ I have is that I was hoping Apple would have implemented Touch ID. Other than that, I’m extremely happy with the iPad Air and recommend it to anyone considering an upgrade or brand new tablet purchase.

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