Apple’s release of iOS 6 ushered in over 200 new features for users to explore on their mobile iDevices. One of my favorites is the added option to take photographs in Panorama mode.

We’ve all had times when we wanted to take a picture that was wider than the available screen real estate allowed. Whether it be a group picture or a picturesque landscape, wide shots sometimes need a little help. That’s why the developers at Apple included Panorama mode as a new option in iOS 6. Users can shoot up to 240 degrees either vertically or horizontally. To use it, simply open the camera, tap on the ‘options’ button and select ‘Panorama.’

The camera viewer screen will open up with the Panorama function in operation. At this point, the user taps the shoot button as if you were taking a regular picture. The user then moves the iDevice from Point A to Point B to complete the Panorama sequence. A helpful hint – try to keep your hand as steady as possible. Otherwise, you risk having ripples in your finished photograph.The iOS software works with the mobile device hardware to stitch the photograph together into one seamless, quality photograph.

This feature is very helpful and works beautifully. Mastering the Panorama function does take practice, but once you do, it’s a great tool to use. I’ve included an example product of the Panorama function. I can highly recommend utilizing this feature and suggest practicing often so that you are able to use it easily when you are ready.