Extreme GT is a beautiful, machined case for the iPhone 7.

I’m one of those iPhone users that prefer to use a case with my phone. I just feel that there is too much room for error when it comes to accidental impact damage. I’ve, unfortunately, had that experience where the phone slipped from my hands and tragically hit a hard tile floor. That was the end of that phone and ever since I’ve protected them. All that being said, I love the slim, sleek design of the iPhone 7 and I don’t want to cover it up. So, I have tried to find cases that are good companions for the iPhone 7. That’s what led me to the IOM Extreme GT iPhone 7 case.

IOM Extreme GT iPhone 7 Case REVIEW

Inspired by the design and eliteness of exotic, high-performance cars, IOM Cases created the Extreme GT, a premium case for the iPhone. It’s made with aerospace-grade stainless steel. There is a soft touch polycarbonate trim that helps to shield the screen from drop hazards and a Coolmesh design on the back that allows for solid airflow across the phone.

With the case being made out of metal, I had concerns that it would add both bulk and weight to my sleek iPhone 7. Fortunately, I was incorrect in that assumption. The case only weighs 37 grams and it’s contoured design wraps around the iPhone like a glove. It’s solid and I love the premium look this case adds to my phone. I feel like it’s a great, upscale complement to my iPhone 7, which already looks great! I also love that I feel like my phone is protected. The rubberized trim forms a small bezel around the screen and it’s great in case the phone is dropped. The case also allows me to use it with my dock. That’s a big plus for me as I use a dock every night for charging.

IOM Extreme GT iPhone 7 Case REVIEW

As much as I like this case, there were a couple of drawbacks to it. First, the opened Coolmesh back not only lets air out, but it also lets dust in. During the course of my testing, I pulled the case off of the phone a handful of times and each time, there was an abundance of dust collected on the back of the phone. This was a little concerning since a lot of dust can effect the function of a phone. Another issue was that I had some paint chip off of it. I had two instances where the phone was knocked off of a counter onto the floor (only about 3-4 feet) and while the case remained intact and the phone was undamaged, there was a place where the paint was chipped. That was just a little disappointing given that it was such a minor accident.

IOM Extreme GT iPhone 7 Case REVIEW

Overall, the IOM GT Extreme case for the iPhone 7 is a good choice. There are just a few things to be cautious of with it.

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