A high-performance case inspired by supercars.

I’m a big advocate of keeping phones — especially smartphones — inside of cases. I believe that if you are going to make that much of an investment in something, you could protect it. Because of this philosophy, I search high and low for cases that are not only functional and stylish but also unique. That’s where the Extreme GT for iPhone 8 Plus comes in. The case is from a company I was introduced to a couple of years ago, IOM Cases.

IOM Cases Extreme GT for iPhone 8 Plus REVIEW

IOM Cases design unique cases for smartphones and they take inspiration from high-performance supercars. Their line of Extreme GT cases for iPhone are made with aerospace-grade stainless steel for durability. A soft touch polycarbonate lining/trim helps to protect the phone from scratches and it reinforces the drop zones. Even though the case is made out of metal, it’s extremely lightweight and only weighs in at 1.6 ounces. With it being so lightweight, one would almost assume that it’s a flimsy case, but no, it is not. The metal frame is solid and ready for action.

Some of the most prominent features include:

  • Laser treated surface
  • Multi-layer custom paint
  • Proprietary CoolMesh process
  • Luxury automotive quality finish
  • soft tough coated PC Trim
  • Protective UV Coating
  • Over 1,400 designed mesh elements
  • 0.8mm for screen protection

The feature I like the most is actually the one that I disliked the most, too. The CoolMesh design of the metal back allows for maximum airflow for your phone. It’s a great feature because your phone can actually breathe and doesn’t overheat as easily. That said, the only issue that I really found with this case is that dust and dirt particles can move through the mesh back and can cause kind of an awful mess on the back of the phone. More than once I removed the case and had to clean up the back of the phone with a cleaning cloth. Too much dirt and dust can really affect a phone’s performance so I’m not sure if the mesh back is a good or bad thing.

IOM Cases Extreme GT for iPhone 8 Plus REVIEW

I am a fan of the Extreme GT case and love that it’s now available for the iPhone 8 Plus (as well as the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus). I feel like it’s a nice compliment to the phone’s design and it allows for wireless charging, too.

For more information, visit iomcases.com/GTExtremeiPhone8Plus.
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