InvisibleShield®, a ZAGG Brands company and the leading global innovator in screen protection, today unveiled a full suite of screen protection products for the new Apple iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 , iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Comprised of InvisibleShield’s best-selling products, the iPhone 12 lineup includes Glass Elite VisionGuard®+Glass Elite+Glass Elite Privacy+, and Glass Elite Anti-Glare+.

“The new iPhone 12 smartphones deliver the biggest performance from iPhone ever, and InvisibleShield delivers just as big on screen protection,” said Brad Bell, senior vice president, marketing at ZAGG Brands. “As mobile devices continue to be at the epicenter of our lives, we work tirelessly to ensure our customers can take any adventure free from the fear of a damaged smartphone screen.”

Cracked and scratched screens are the most common types of smartphone damage. InvisibleShield is affordable security that delivers an additional two meters of drop protection to any device screen underneath it and has been tested using 1,500 abrasion cycles to ensure extreme durability.

The Glass Elite collection of products for the iPhone 12 lineup features InvisibleShield’s strongest glass ever, up to 4X stronger than traditional screen protectors1. A proprietary ion exchange tempering process increases surface compression for unmatched strength and scratch-resistance. The lineup boasts a diverse range of features that cater to consumer needs, including:

Glass Elite VisionGuard+ ($49.99 SRP), which promotes overall digital wellness by combining the following features:

  • Kastus® technology—infused with cutting edge Kastus technology that kills up to 95% of human coronavirus after 30 minutes, and up to 99.9% of Staph and E. coli surface bacteria2
  • Eyesafe® technology—reduces exposure from high-energy visible blue light, which can have damaging effects, without changing the screen colors or peak resolution.
  • ClearPrint technology—this oil-dispersing, hydrophilic treatment, exclusive to InvisibleShield, allows finger movement to glide more efficiently and delivers a hassle-free, easy clean surface that is compatible with high-frequency cleaning.
  • Glass Elite—InvisibleShield’s strongest screen protection ever.

Glass Elite+ ($39.99 SRP), the foundation of the newly launched collection and InvisibleShield’s strongest tempered glass screen protector ever. Infused with the same cutting edge Kastus technology found in Glass Elite VisionGuard+, Glass Elite+ delivers advanced strength for maximum protection.

Glass Elite Privacy+ ($44.99 SRP), which offers consumers the same unbeatable strength and shatter protection that runs through the entire lineup in addition to a privacy filter. The two-way, side-view filter provides full-screen privacy while texting, checking email, or browsing the web.

Glass Elite Anti-Glare+ ($44.99 SRP), which features the same durable construction and cutting edge Kastus technology found in Glass Elite+ in addition to a matte finish designed to allow consumers to easily view their screens in direct sunlight.


As part of InvisibleShield’s commitment to drive sustainability in everything it does, the iPhone 12 product range is InvisibleShield’s most sustainable ever. It now removes single-use plastics from packaging to reduce waste going to landfills. These packaging changes will eliminate more than seven-hundred thousand pounds of single-use plastics annually.

Pricing & Availability: 

InvisibleShield screen protection for the new iPhone 12 lineup will be available on and at Best Buy, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Walmart, Target and ZAGG franchise locations nationwide.

InvisibleShield backs its screen protectors with an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty and will replace the InvisibleShield if it ever gets worn or damaged for the life of the device. With more than 215 million screen protectors sold worldwide, InvisibleShield is the No. 1 selling brand for smartphone screen protection in the U.S. and has set the industry standard for screen protection.

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