Aspiricx team – including Olympic champion Natalie Coughlin – makes the world’s most advanced training technology available to swimmers of all levels

Aspiricx – an artificial intelligence (AI) company with a mission to help swimmers reach their full potential – today introduces FINIS LaneVision, the world’s first AI-powered performance tracker to help swimmers improve their technique.

The Aspiricx team is a unique blend of people with a passion for technology (AI, computer vision, data science, etc.) and for swimming. Natalie Coughlin, a 12-time Olympic medalist and 20-time World Championship medalist, holds the title of chief aspirer; her role is to bridge the gap between the two worlds and introduce all swimmers to technology that can help them improve their technique and times.

“We aim to provide tools for swimmers aspiring to reach their greatest potential, and we recognize that in our immediate climate, it may be difficult for them to get into the pool with their teams to train,” said Kannan Dorairaj, CEO and founder of Aspiricx. “FINIS LaneVision allows swimmers and coaches to remotely analyze existing video for continued progress no matter the circumstance. We believe our solution can help swimmers stay focused on their sport and find ways to train even in the midst of unexpected downtime.

“Previously, advanced swim training technology was only available to world-class swimmers like Natalie,” continued Dorairaj. “Most swimmers had to rely on a single training tool – a stopwatch.”

Video analysis in swimming has been plagued by inefficient technology and expensive equipment; FINIS LaneVision not only brings a new level of technology to the sport, it does it through a simple-to-use phone app.

Parents or coaches use the FINIS LaneVision app to record a swimmer’s practice laps – it’s as simple as recording a video; existing video of a swimmer can also be used. The app allows users to accurately record and break down data – without using any sensors. After the user records the swimmer through the app, FINIS LaneVision provides in-depth data taken from the recording – including stroke rate, distance per stroke, real-time velocity, underwater velocity, turn times and splits. Coaches can use that data to help swimmers refine their technique and meet their goals, whether it’s a competitive swimmer trying to shave a couple tenths of a second off their time or a beginner looking to become more efficient.

“Our goal at FINIS is to simplify the sport of swimming for athletes and coaches at every level,” said John Mix, co-founder of FINIS. “The LaneVision app uses the camera from your smartphone, iPad or tablet to capture all the important metrics of your swimming. Originally designed as a state-of-the-art coach’s tool, the user-friendly app also gives swimmers and parents access to the analytics so they can engage in the improvement process alongside their coach.”

Unlike other sports, AI-based technology for swim training faces the unique challenge of setting up computer vision to work through the water. Utilizing Dorairaj’s background in solar technology, FINIS LaneVision factors in light reflections on the water and takes an accurate 3D scan of the swimmers, obtaining their exact body dimensions and ensuring their stroke will be compared against their ideal scientific model. Using an augmented reality (AR) projection of visual data, it provides real-time comparisons and feedback for swimmers and captures stroke measurements through Apple’s AR kit.

“Swimming is all about refining your technique; maximizing training time in order to improve. It’s about swimming smarter.” said Coughlin. “Now swimmers have access to technology created specifically for them that can help improve their technique and grow their love of the sport.”

Aspiricx also has a feature called Coaches Review, where users can send their FINIS LaneVision videos and data to coaches for personalized feedback. Whether they are at home or at the pool, coaches and swimmers can connect on FINIS LaneVision to share, review, analyze and annotate existing swimming videos remotely.

FINIS LaneVision is available in the App Store
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