Introducing Chime from Ring – News:

Ring Video Doorbell users can receive instant audio notifications inside their home.

Introducing Chime from Ring - News 3Video Doorbell maker, Ring, has announced today their newest product, Chime. Chime is an instant audio notification that connects to your Ring doorbell. The device is actually a WiFi speaker that activates when a visitor to your home taps the Ring outside your door. It’s designed to let you know when you have someone at your door even when your smartphone isn’t nearby. It’s a plug & play device meaning that all you have to do is give it power and connect it to your WiFi network and Ring Doorbell. There is a Do Not Disturb function for when you want peace and quiet and a volume control so that it’s never too loud or too quiet.

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Being avid fans of the Ring Doorbell, we couldn’t be more excited about this newest product addition. Chime will be available starting July 1 and will be offered at a discounted price of $19.95 to current Ring Doorbell owners.

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