Intego’s X8 software protects Macs with complete security options like NetBarrier & VirusBarrier.

barrier-02Security is the utmost importance when working with computers and passing information through the Internet. As a Mac user, I don’t always think about protecting my information the way I should because I know our systems aren’t as vulnerable as Windows machines. Even with that in mind, Mac users should have some security measures in place as more and more security issues are being discovered with Mac machines. Intego, the leading provider of security products built exclusively for Mac users, continues to build upon their products with the introduction of VirusBarrier X8 and NetBarrier X8.

Intego has been offering security options for Apple products for more than 17 years. All its software options are Apple-native and specifically designed for Macs. This is reassuring as a loyal Apple user and also makes the software easier to use for Mac users because the UI is so similar to other Apple-native applications. Intego’s VirusBarrier X8 was recently rates #1 with a 99% detection rate by independent testing lab The Safe Mac.

barrier-05I’ve been running NetBarrier now for a few weeks and have been very happy with the results. NetBarrier gives you automatic protection as you hop network-to-network. When you start it up, you set up your three profiles – Home, Work and Hotspot. Because each of these types of networks are so different, you can decide what level of network security you want NetBarrier to provide.

For example, I know how our home network is set-up and the level of security it provides on its own. It’s a password-protected network and only a few people have the password. Now, that’s not always fool-proof, but again, because it is our network, we can see what devices are connected to it at all times. Because of that, I feel confident allowing incoming and outgoing internet connections at all times when I’m on our home network. A public hotspot is a different story. Because it’s ‘public’ and anyone could be on it, I have the settings done a bit differently. I have incoming Internet connections blocked and Incoming Local Connections blocked. Now, what this does is block these types of connections automatically. NetBarrier will give you a prompt stating that a connection is attempted and if you approve of it, you can allow the exception. Those exceptions will be saved under the NetBarrier profile.

barrier-03Aside from NetBarrier’s network connections profiles, it also provides monitoring for specific applications. It will show what applications are currently receiving incoming/outgoing network connections and which ones can connect, but are on standby.

VirusBarrier X8 does what is advertises. It scans for viruses. As is with NetBarrier, VirusBarrier has a very easy set-up. You simply choose the volume you want scanned. Then, you choose a full scan or quick scan. Then, you let Virus Barrier do its work. When it’s finished, any questionable files it finds will be placed into quarantine for your review. VirusBarrier can be set up to run on a schedule, which will periodically scan specific folders or your entire computer to look for malware. Or, you can do Real-Time Scanning, which will monitor all files being saved or accessed on your computer in ‘real-time’. The nice thing about VirusBarrier is that it’s so simple to use. Again, even though Mac’s are more difficult to break into, viruses do still happen. This software is really handy if you are the type of person that transfers files back and forth between your work PC and your personal MacBook.


Both NetBarrier and Virus Barrier are very easy to use and set-up to keep your Mac safe from the nasty dangers of the Internet. With Intego’s new X8 software, users get complete Mac protection and security. Intego is offering a range of bundles of their security software.

  • Mac Internet Security X8 ($49.99) – VirusBarrier X8 and NetBarrier X8 – worry-free protection against Mac / Windows malware and suspicious strangers / applications looking to access your Mac
  • Mac Premium Bundle X8 ($89.99) – VirusBarrier X8, NetBarrier X8, Family Protector, Mac Washing Machine and Personal Backup – protect against malware and intrusions, optimize your Mac’s performance, backup your files and create a safe surfing environment for your family and children
  • Mac Washing Machine Secure X8 ($64.99) – VirusBarrier X8, NetBarrier X8 and Mac Washing Machine X8 – easily clean and protect your Mac with the perfect combination of anti-virus, network security and Mac cleaning utilities
  • Family Protector Secure X8 ($79.99) – VirusBarrier X8, NetBarrier X8, and Family Protector – customizable parental controls combined with the latest security technology to help keep your family’s digital world safe, secure, and appropriate.

The bundles – along with individual purchase options – are available at The applications are available in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. Current users can update to the X8 versions at no additional charge. Customers can also get limited Free Trials of each product at

I can highly recommend Intego’s X8 Security bundle based on its ease of use for the consumer. There are a lot of security options available, but most are no where as easy to understand and use as Intego’s X8 VirusBarrier and NetBarrier. For more information, visit