Inspiration Lite On-ear Headphones Review:

Convenient hifi on-ear headphones provide superior sound and comfort.

Inspiration Lite On-ear Headphones Review 3I feel like every time I write a review, I make some sort of confession. Here we go again: I’m pretty sure I’ve never spent more than $10-15 on any headphones ever. When it comes time for me to replace a lost/broken/meh pair, I start shopping, think that I don’t use them enough to spend much because I’ll probably leave them somewhere on accident or they’ll get destroyed in my backpack. It never exactly occurred to me before that I would be able to tell the difference in quality between cheap and expensive headphones.

So I tried the Monster Inspiration Lite headphones for the first time while I was mucking about my house, doing random chores, so that I wouldn’t bother my roommates with my admittedly eclectic playlist. It got to a song that I’ve listened to over and over for years, and I stopped in the middle of what I was doing because holy crap, I have never noticed that harmony before. It was subtle, but that, among the other little nuances going on in the mix, added a depth to the song I had never before experienced. I started paying closer attention to the sound, and it was lovely. Suffice it to say that I am loving the quality here. I’m not sure what else to say besides that things sound like they’re supposed to, really exactly so. Highs and mids are clear, and the bass is distinctly present without being overpowering.

Inspiration Lite On-ear Headphones Review 4The headphones themselves are suitable for extended wear. They were the tiniest bit too big for my head, yet they were still extremely comfortable. The ear cups are really soft. Style wise, these are sleek and nondescript. Monster offers interchangeable headbands to replace the plain leather one that comes on the headphones, so you can customize and accessorize to your heart’s content.

Inspiration Lite On-ear Headphones Review 5

Close-up of Headband Padding

Aside from being stylish and pleasing to the ear, the Inspiration Lite headphones are also convenient. They fold and fit into a carrying pouch that has a pocket for the two flat 3.5mm cords, one of which features a Control-Talk remote and microphone for Apple. Both sides of the headphones have a jack so you can plug the cord in on either side. The other jack can go unused, or someone can listen to what you’re listening to using the MusicShare feature.

Inspiration Lite On-ear Headphones Review 6I enjoy these headphones, but I feel the need to comment on the price. Though I will admit that my assumptions about my ability to notice the difference between my usual $10 headphones and a more expensive pair were wrong, I would probably still never be able to justify spending twenty times that amount on headphones, no matter how many subtle harmonies they introduce me to. That’s just me.

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