Innovelis ReliaMount for Roku Review

Photo_5Today, I found the perfect companion for my Innovelis Roku Remote Holder. The ReliaMount for Roku also by Innovelis.

This is a simple glossy plastic device that features a 3M adhesive peel-and-stick fastener and is molded to fit your Roku player.

Photo_2I installed this directly to the back of my bedroom TV with my Roku LT. At first I was a little concerned because the Roku doesn’t fit in the holder in the most satisfactory way. The plastic bends as you force the Roku down in the holder. You can see from the pictures that this causes the adhesive part to bend and warp. I was concerned that this would prevent it from attaching well to the TV. I started by attaching the mount as directed as close to the top of the TV as I felt comfortable. On my TV there is an area intended for a VESA mount that is smooth and flat, so this seemed the perfect place to attach. After attaching, I put the Roku with its ports down and the IR receiver up. It took a few tries to get it to fit just right into the mount, but once it was in place it seemed sturdy enough. I then attached my HDMI cable and power cable.

Photo_4After installation it is clear that the warping issue is preventing the middle most area of the adhesive pad from making a firm connection to the TV, but the adhesive that is in contact with the TV seems to have no problem holding my player in place. I do wonder if over time this will not remain attached for this reason.

Photo_1My second concern was that since my LT only has an IR remote, it would not be able to be controlled while it was attached to the back of the TV. Fortunately the Roku has a powerful IR transmitter and receiver, and this did not turn out to be an issue. The instructions also remind you that in case you don’t have the nice white walls and reflective surfaces that I do, you can always download the Roku app for your tablet or phone and use that to control the Roku perfectly.

Photo_3In summary if you are looking for another way to reduce clutter surrounding your TV and have a Roku player, this is a great solution. I would have preferred that the holder fit a little better with the Roku, but the bending plastic does allow it to snugly hold your player. As long as the adhesive holds, your device will not be going anywhere.