When capturing images this close, make sure to have a breath mint.

Inmacus High Definition Macro Filter Kit Review 5Time for some full disclosure: I have not used a dedicated camera in years. There has not been a need to use one. An oft-used photography adage is “The best camera is the one you have on you.” Since my smartphone is always on me, I use my modestly-equipped, but ever-present camera app. It gets the job done, but there are some types of photography that need a little help.

Enter the Inmacus Macro Kit. With the collection of lenses included, a smartphone can be turned into an impressive close-up workshop. Three lenses are included along with a clever tension clip. The weakest lens is written as “+5 Close-Up”. The next strongest is “+8 Close-Up”. The last lens is stronger still and etched with a small “+10 Macro”.

Inmacus High Definition Macro Filter Kit Review 7These lenses work well by themselves, but the neatest feature about this kit is that each lens is designed to stack onto the other in several different configurations. Depending on the required amount of close up, a maximum magnification of “+23” is possible and will help deliver some dramatic images. Naturally, stacking the lenses will obstruct incoming light a little bit. The included manual is quick to call this out and offers help with reducing the darkening of the corners that can occur. Connecting and disconnecting the lenses were both easy and quick, but you will want to make sure that the threads of each lens are aligned correctly. Attempting to move too quickly might cause one of the thin threads to skip and would require reseating of the lens in order to get a clear image.

Inmacus High Definition Macro Filter Kit Review 3

During my test runs with the filter kit, I captured images at extreme close range with the regular, unaided iPhone camera, and then captured another image with the attachment present. When attached, the tension clip also uses the naturally occurring “lip” of the camera lens on an iPhone6 or 6 Plus. Removing the clip is extremely easy since there are two springy buttons that work to release some of the tension, allowing for a quick slide off detachment.

Inmacus High Definition Macro Filter Kit Review 4

Inmacus High Definition Macro Filter Kit Review 8I have nothing but praise for this nice little bundle of accessories. I did initially wonder about how often I would actually use something like this. On the other hand, I have found that having the capability to capture such a close, clear angle using only my smartphone and a 2-second-attached lens filter is empowering and fun. A kit like this can bring a little variety into anyone’s smartphone camera roll, so snap on a new set of filter lenses and let your inner photographer run wild.

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