SmartGrip protects your smart phone from accidental drops.

CES 2016 in Las Vegas, NV was a very memorable experience.  Not only did this span multiple hotels/casinos but each location provided a plethora of venues/booths/companies/presentations.  To be honest, there were so many booths/companies and so little time to get the full experience. I opted to not carry a camera as my iPhone 6S plus camera/video was more convenient.  However, I quickly found that power management would be a major hurdle for the week.  I started the week with my phone on my hip inside of an Otterbox Defender case.  This did not last quickly as it was clunky to get the phone out of the clip, off my hip and to use the phone for pictures, calls, video, etc.  So since I was carrying a backpack, I clipped the belt clip to the shoulder strap, I add a Go Puck power charger to the other strap and had power on the go.  This worked okay but it was still a little bit of an inconvenience to remove the phone from the clip.  Additionally, my photo booth and my tripod remained at home.  This makes taking still pictures and video much more difficult.  I have received a device from INMACUS titled the Universal SmartGRIP to review, which may prove even more useful at CES 2017.

The product arrived in a rather professional appearing retail packaging.  The main body has a white front back and side panel 1 and a black top, side panel 2 and bottom.  The front of the packaging has a clear window, allowing you to visualize the product.  You can immediately notice a phone clip, a tripod, and a neck lanyard.  The title is written in an orange cursive font, which is very pleasing.  The product is listed as being able to be used with IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry.  I really appreciate the open window packaging style, as I love to see what I am actually getting with the product.   Rotating the packaging 90 degrees clockwise, you will see an image of the clip on an iPhone and the neck lanyard.  The lanyard looks rather professional and gender neutral in the image.  The silver coloration appears to be a great choice.

INMACHUS Universal SmartGrip REVIEW

The back of the packaging details the product contents: Universal SmartGrip, Detachable Neckstrap, Mini Flexi Table Tripod, Equipment case.   Each of the included accessories has a small paragraph, detailing the uses of the qualities of the accessories.  The tripod mount is designed to screw into the bottom of the Universal SmartGrip.  The included screw is universal, allowing you to use other tripods if desired.  The SmartGrip is designed for phones from 4 to 6″ wide and has a slot allowing for attachment of the neck/shoulder strap.  You can use the included neck strap or you can utilize another camera strap.  I am not certain what they mean when they say there is an included Equipment Case.  Perhaps they are talking about the retail packaging?

When you open the package, you will notice the SmartGrip, the tripod, the neck strap and an instruction manual inside of a clear blister pack.  The manual is a 5-panel pamphlet, with 4 pages of written information and instructional use diagrams on the opposite side. The SmartGrip  and neck strap weigh 2.1 ounces and has 14 1/4″ neck lanyard that has minimal stretch to it. Start by turning the gear mechanism on the bottom of the SmartGrip counterclockwise until you can slide your phone into the grip.  Place the grip at the opposite end of the camera, with the open end towards the screen. Next, tighten the screw clockwise until the grip is snug.  It is important to not over tighten.  There is a rubberized gripping surface, which should not scratch your phone.  To release your phone or to slide the grip, you need to loosen the screw, reposition and then lock the screw back down.

INMACHUS Universal SmartGrip REVIEW

To best use the tripod/Flexipod, position the SmartGrip towards the middle of your smart phone.  Screw the male threaded tripod into the female port on the SmartGrip.  Again, you do not need to overtighten this screw.  Adjust the height and balance of the Flexipod to suit your surface and to prevent toppling. I personally attached the neck lanyard to the SmartGrip, as it is very easy to press the central silver button to release the ring from the neck strap.  You can use the phone away from your neck in this manner, you can use the tripod in this manner and you can easily reattach it to your neck.  This system is very convenient to prevent dropping off your phone.  The grip will hold my iPhone 6S plus inside of a Catalyst case, it will work with my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S5 inside of silicone sleeve.  It is designed to work with your phone inside of the case, which is convenient.  Many tripods/mounts do not work with devices inside of cases.  This device will allow you to add a tripod to any of your smart phones, as they are.  This is very convenient.

This device provides a lightweight method to carry your phone around your neck.  This will improve access to your device while reducing the chances of you dropping your phone.  Channel your inner photographer with this increased access, and you may even capture your pictures better using the Flexipod.  The neck strap is a really neat feature, the SmartGrip provides a great tool to attach the Flexipod and to allow the neck strap function.  I cannot find fault with this device.  The weight is reasonable, the build appears to be good and the coloring is professional and appropriate for men and women. The product does everything it says it will do and more.  It would get a 5/5 star rating with just the grip and the quick connect/release neck lanyard.  Including the Flexipod was incredibly generous and much appreciated..

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