Super cute flash drive with a practical function.

If there is one thing I can’t get enough of it’s Groot. I was completely taken with Guardians of the Galaxy when it blasted onto screens in 2014 and now that the sequel is out in theaters, I am starting to collect more and more cute Groot accessories like the GROOT Series USB Flash Drive from InfoThink.

This very cute USB drive is actually quite a nice storage device. While it’s designed as a novelty, the flash drive itself is actually a USB 2.0 high-speed drive. It holds up to 16GB of data and will transfer it at speeds of up to 480 Mbps. It will work with macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems without any special drivers or applications. The device features a waterproof and shockproof design and it’s only 60g, which is very lightweight.

InfoThink GROOT Series USB Flash Drive REVIEW

There are two very unique features of this flash drive. First, it’s basically a stand with a flash drive hidden in it. Groot sitting in a planter is the main part of the device and then the flash drive is hidden on Groot’s head. The center bud on his head is actually a small handle for you to grip the drive from his head. The second feature that makes this a special device is the magnet on the bottom. This magnet keeps the stand from tipping over and provides you a little leverage when taking the flash drive out of its stand.

InfoThink GROOT Series USB Flash Drive REVIEW

Aside from the very creative design, I would have honestly liked to see this be a USB 3.0 drive to better match modern standards of the device, but it’s a very cute, fun novelty item. The drive does mount fairly quickly, but it takes a moment or two to eject. For testing purposes, I did transfer a file that was 1.03GB in size to the GROOT flash drive. Because of its USB 2.0 speeds, the file took just over 17 minutes to transfer. When I transferred the same file onto a flash drive that supported USB 3.0, it only took 3 minutes and 12 seconds. So, as a ‘high speed’ flash drive, I would give the GROOT drive a C-. But, as a loveable desk companion, it gets an A+.

InfoThink GROOT Series USB Flash Drive REVIEW

I have really enjoyed getting to know my GROOT flash drive. The best part about him is being able to take him along with you and then capture fun photos as if you are playing “Where is Groot?” throughout town. Even though it’s a little slower with data transfer, it’s still a good option for an emergency storage solution.

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