Great little speaker with big character.

I’m honestly not sure how I survived this long without Bluetooth speakers. It seems like they are everywhere these days and that they come in all shapes and sizes. I have a vast collection of speakers and I have to admit that I’m getting pretty picky about which ones make the permanent rotation. The speaker has to provide excellent sound quality, unique features like being waterproof, or have an outstanding design like this adorable Groot Bluetooth speaker from INFOTHINK.

InfoThink Groot Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

Over the few weeks, you’ve no doubt seen the other published reviews on MacSources that feature Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise. All of these precious items have come from INFOTHINK and I believe this one is my favorite. The Groot Bluetooth Speaker features the ‘toddler’ Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which was released earlier this summer in theaters. The device is officially authorized by Marvel so you know the details are precise. The speaker itself is fairly simple, but what makes this truly unique is Groot sitting atop the short, round cylinder.

Connecting to the speaker is very easy. You simply flip the power switch and the device will appear as INFOTHINK BSP200 in your Bluetooth device menu. You will hear a tone play when your phone (or another device) successfully connects to the speaker. Probably the best part of this speaker is that it greets you with “I am Groot” every time you switch it on. I actually have to applaud the designer of this device because the voice is very, very close to the one you hear in the movie.

InfoThink Groot Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The speaker has simple controls on the very bottom of the base. There is a Micro-USB port for charging the speaker, the on/off switch, and then the mode, volume up/down, and play/pause buttons. With the Mode button, you can switch between Bluetooth Speaker and LED mode. With LED mode, you can just use the LED ring light and Groot becomes a simple decorative piece.

The sound quality of this speaker is actually quite surprising. There was good sound depth and dynamics between treble and bass. I think my favorite feature of the speaker is that you can control the speaker’s volume separately from your phone. It adds extra amplification and it’s not something that many speakers offer.

InfoThink Groot Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The speaker only weighs 160 grams, but because of its delicate nature, I wouldn’t call it ‘travel-worthy’. It’s easily moved from place to place, but I wouldn’t just toss it into a bag for the beach either.

The Groot Bluetooth Speaker is definitely a must-have for any GOTG fan. Even if you don’t use it as a speaker, it’s a fabulous conversation starter and it’s just cute! The details that went into the statue part of the speaker are remarkable.

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