infltr – the photography app with infinite filters – becomes the first app allowing editing of Depth Photos.

infltr is a photography app that lets you add an infinite variety of filters to your images using touch. As you move your finger on the screen, the filter changes in real time. infltr is famous for being the only app allowing editing of the most popular types of visual media: stills, Videos, Live Photos & Animated GIFs.

Apple’s iOS 11 will unlock the capabilities of the dual-camera on the latest iPhones to developers upon release. At the same time, infltr becomes the first app allowing users to capture & edit photos & Live Photos containing Depth information also known as Portrait Mode.

What does that mean concretely? Well now, on top of the color information: red, blue, green & alpha which makes a classic photo, if the photo is captured with depth enabled, we get an extra layer of information which can be seen as 3D map of the captured scene. This depth layer is leveraged by infltr to let you edit the background & foreground of your photos differently. This is extremely powerful and integrates seamlessly within infltr’s editor. You can get more creative and highlight the region of your image that matter the most to you.

infltr Receives Update to Version 2.10 NEWS


infltr Receives Update to Version 2.10 NEWS


We love to de-saturate the background and increase the color of the foreground. You get the same effect as the all-time essential Color Splash app in a matter of seconds without having to draw a mask yourself and the quality is just stunning. There are more than 12 tools that you can use to tweak background & foreground inside infltr: filter, vignette, saturation, contrast, brightness, tint, temperature, etc.

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infltr, short for “infinite filters” lets users discover millions of filters using touch & swipe. Filters change and are applied in real-time depending on user interaction. This way, a video can be played and edited at the same time. Why hasn’t anyone else done this way on mobile yet? We believe that the lack of innovation is because real-time filtering is computationally intensive and crucially, no-one seems to have figured out the necessary user interface. You can create and save your own custom filters and re-apply them later-on. We extended this capability to Depth Filters.

The camera inside infltr got updated as well and can capture stills & Live Photos with Depth. Depth capture is available on a device with dual-camera (iPhone 7+, iPhone 8+, iPhone X) running iOS 11. We are really excited about the new iPhone X which will also have depth capabilities on the front-camera, enabling selfies to be captured with Depth! Depth photo editing is available on all devices that are running iOS 11. Whenever a media is captured or edited with infltr, the original data are not destroyed but hidden in the filtered file. Unlike many other photography apps out there, a photo can be edited multiple times with infltr without losing any of the original image information. infltr is also one of the only App out-there to allow editing of HD pictures without losing any resolution.

Also launching today:

  • Drag & Drop in and out of infltr on iPad
  • Edit videos & photos from the new Files App

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