infltr is a photography app that lets you add an infinite variety of filters to your images using touch. As you move your finger on the screen, the filter changes in real time. infltr is famous for being the only app allowing editing of the most popular types of visual media: Photos, Videos, Live Photos, Depth Photos & Animated GIFs.

infltr originally launched as a camera application letting you discover more than 7 million filters using touch. The camera mode within infltr has now been updated to support recording of filtered videos! It is a very exciting addition to the app which now supports capture of filtered photos, live photos, videos, depth photos & raw photos.

A neat and unusual aspect of infltr’s video recording integration is the ability to switch camera while recording. It is really cool, when you are recording in selfie mode, you can double tap to show your friend you’re surrounding. infltr also lets you switch on and off the torch of your iPhone while recording.


With iOS 11 and the iPhone 8 Plus & X, Apple introduced 5 Portrait Lighting effects which lets you apply different effect to photos captured in Portrait mode and containing Depth information. infltr is extending Apple’s Portrait Lighting effects with a new color overlay tool. You can now change the background or foreground of your Depth photo either before capturing using infltr’s camera mode or in post-production with the editor.

It is very simple to use, you can select or create a color to apply to the background, foreground (or both) part of the photo. 25 different blend modes are available which can be combined creating endless possibilities. The background and foreground of the photo are computed using the depth information coming out of the TrueDepth camera or Dual camera. infltr already offered a dedicated and intuitive tool to adjust the position & smoothness of the background and foreground.

Unlike the Portrait Lighting effect, infltr’s approach works with the camera of the iPhone 7 Plus and on any devices that have saved Depth Photos. The color overlay tool can also be used on the normal photo.


infltr, short for “infinite filters” lets users discover millions of filters using touch & swipe. Filters change and are applied in real-time depending on user interaction. This way, a video can be played and edited at the same time. Why hasn’t anyone else done this way on mobile yet? We believe that the lack of innovation is because real-time filtering is computationally intensive and crucially, no-one seems to have figured out the necessary user interface. You can create and save your own custom filters and re-apply them later-on. We extended this capability to Depth Filters.

The camera inside infltr got updated as well and can capture stills & Live Photos with Depth. Depth capture is available on a device with TrueDepth or Dual-Camera (iPhone 7+, iPhone 8+, iPhone X) running iOS 11. We are can’t wait to see what our community will create with these new tools.

Also launching today:

  • New tool to Sharpen photos, videos, live photos, animated GIFs, depth photos

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