Infltr the photo App with infinite filters – available for your wrist

Taking photos with my phone has become a daily part of my life. Whether it’s life events or products I’m reviewing, my camera gets a lot of use. I don’t do a lot of editing of the photos on my phone, but like having the option for special features like filters. Infltr gives iPhones users that exact option.

Infltr provides iOS users with infinite filters to use on their photos. The developer Yooshr Ltd believes in making mobile photography more intuitive. That’s why they used the natural gestures and ecosystem of the iPhone as the functions of the app. Infltr is the only app that lets you filter panoramic shots in HD and as of this week, you can now use the Apple Watch app to remotely control the filtering process as well as take photos.

infltr Photo App for iOS and Apple Watch REVIEW infltr Photo App for iOS and Apple Watch REVIEW

Commenting on the new infltr, founder Philippe Levieux says: “At infltr, we’re all about making the mobile photography experience more intuitive, creative and at the same time more powerful. We spent days with users testing, validating and refining the experience on the watch. We didn’t want to be like every other App and looked to add a real value to the product. We are excited to see what the community creates with the new infltr.”

infltr Photo App for iOS and Apple Watch REVIEW

Original image with no filter

Getting started with the app is actually not too difficult. There is a lovely tutorial available when you first open the app that provides you with the basic controls you need to the filters in the app. You have the option to modify brand new photos or ones that are already in your library. I rather like the option to adjust the filter before you take the photo. This is great if you have the time to set up a shot, but if you are just taking photos ‘run and gun’, you might opt for editing them later. My test subject is a toy that features bright yellow, orange, and green colors. When I first opened infltr, I found that the camera was automatically putting a filter on it. You adjust the filter by swiping your finger around the screen until you have the color wash you want to use.

infltr Photo App for iOS and Apple Watch REVIEW infltr Photo App for iOS and Apple Watch REVIEW

The Apple Watch app for infltr has some nice features to it. You can use it as a remote to take photos or apply filters using the Digital Crown. I ended up having some issues with the watch and the iPhone talking to each other. The watch would connect and I was able to do the remote functions, but not change filters. There were a couple of times that the app actually locked up both my phone and watch and I had to do a full restart of both devices in order for them to talk to each other again.

infltr Photo App for iOS and Apple Watch REVIEW infltr Photo App for iOS and Apple Watch REVIEW

While I enjoyed using infltr, I did have some measurable issues with it. I’m hoping that a software patch might help smooth out the communication between the phone and watch to make the experience more fluid for users.

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