A relaxing, thought-provoking game.

I have a busy, hectic schedule most days. I don’t have a lot of down time so when I pick up a mobile game, I want it to be something that takes my mind off of things and just allows me to let go of the day’s events. I really enjoy puzzle games so when I was introduced to Infinity Loop: HEX, I thought it might be the answer to my gaming prayers.

The game is a puzzle-based game that features broken shapes. Your goal as the player is to put the pieces back together. It’s a very modern jigsaw puzzle. Infinity Loop: HEX is actually a spin-off of another Infinity Games app — Infinity Loop. This game shares the same structure as its predecessor and allows players to create closed shape patterns when you connect the pieces. The app description in the iTunes App Store actually points out that this game is designed to take the stress away. It’s carefully built to provide moments of relaxation and joy.

Infinity Loop Infinity Loop Infinity Loop

I actually really enjoy the fact that the developer designed this game at least in part to ensure people had a way to relieve stress through gameplay.

We strongly believe that this Hexes game may relieve you from moments of stress as there is no pressure to solve the levels and no timers at all. We keep it without timers as we understand that everyone has their own pace and time shouldn’t be a measure of intelligence: The ability to solve the puzzle, in the end, is the sole extent of someone’s capacity and intelligence.

I really like the simplicity of this game. When the game starts up, you are presented with a very simple, two-sided puzzle. It’s easily finished within a few seconds. The next board is a bit harder, but you can still see the shape it should end up being. You control the pieces on the board by tapping on them. The pieces move by rotating clockwise and will continue to move until you find the correct shape configuration. There are no answer keys and there are infinite levels to work through.

Infinity Loop Infinity Loop Infinity Loop

I really did feel more relaxed after playing Infinity Loop: HEX. Since I was concentrating on the board rather than the hundreds of ‘to do’ lists floating through my head, I felt more focused after playing it for a while. I was a bit frustrated at the menu system. There are five icons that pop up at the bottom of the screen and I’m not sure what all of them do. They aren’t labeled except with small images that might indicate what they are to be used for. There is a music and sounds toggle that allows you to turn your music and sounds on and off, an achievements button, a restart board option (which opens an advertisement), a ‘no ads’ button, and a button that doesn’t seem to do anything. It has a dollar sign on it with a clockwise turning symbol. I tapped on it several times, but nothing happened. When I tapped on the no ads option, I would get a warning screen that stated “Something went wrong”. I never got it to work.

I did experience one little glitch while playing Infinity Loop: HEX. When you finish a board, you are given an option to take a screenshot in the app. A small camera icon appears at the bottom of the screen and when you tap it, a screenshot is taken and you are given the option to share it through various sources, or you can save it to your camera roll. I think I should note here that it’s the iOS native sharing options that pop up. Every time I tried to save the image, the app would crash. I’m certain this is just a bug and would expect it to be fixed with an update.

Infinity Loop Infinity Loop Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop: HEX is a really enjoyable game. It’s free to download and even though there are ads within the app, they aren’t in your face all the time. If you enjoy puzzle games and just need a simple break from stress, check out Infinity Loop: HEX.

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