A versatile, multi-purpose bag for all users.

Infinity Crossbody Bag Review 3In my opinion, one of the most important accessories you can have is a quality carrying case for your laptop and tablet. They should be protective and functional. I’ve had several cases that fit the bill, but am always on the search for more. The Infinity Crossbody bag by Hex is a great example of a bag that fits many different devices and keeps them safe while you are on the go.

Infinity Crossbody Bag Review 4The Infinity Crossbody bag is designed to fit all your basic technology needs so you have them on the go. It’s main compartment has room enough to hold smaller laptops like the 12″ MacBook, the 11″ MacBook Air, and larger tablets like the Microsoft Surface 2 and 3. It has a slim profile and is made out of Waxed Canvas, a material that helps to keep the interior safe from the elements. In addition to the main laptop compartment, there are several additional slots for devices to rest in. There is an organizer for supplies, a tablet pouch and a slot for a phone to reside. The entire bag closes with a magnetic flap. The bag is very well-padded and comfortable to carry around.

Infinity Crossbody Bag Review 5When I first started using the Infinity Crossbody I was really just intending to use it for my iPad Air 2 and headphones. I wanted to be able to carry the ‘essential’ devices with me when we we were out and about. I am impressed by how much space there is in it. I had no trouble storing my iPad in the quick-access tablet pocket, while its charger and my larger headphones are in the larger compartment.

Infinity Crossbody Bag Review 6One of the things I really like about the Infinity Crossbody bag is that it’s so easy to pack up and go quickly. A few weeks ago, my fiance had acute appendicitis. He had been having pain and when it was officially diagnosed, we had to take him to the emergency room to be admitted. We stopped by our house, which was on the way to the hospital, and picked up a few things. Among the items we stopped for was my laptop so that I could get some work done while we were waiting, and his iPad, headphones, charger for the iPad and iPhone, and a battery pack. When I was packing up, I grabbed the Infinity Crossbody and threw the essentials together. There were no problems with the bag being too small for the items we needed. I was able to pack and get us to the hospital quickly and efficiently.

The Infinity Crossbody bag from Hex is a wonderful, versatile, well-made bag that can be used for a variety of different devices. I would recommend it for any type of user.

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