Incipio Utility Messenger Bag provides ample storage and classy style.

I remember when our family first had a laptop. It was an older Apple laptop – the PowerBook series I believe – and it was a star for a really long time. As cool as portable computing was, I was even more enamored with its baggage. We had a generic black messenger style bag that was just big enough for the laptop, its power supply/cord, and a few papers. When we upgraded the laptop’s bag, I ended up carrying the old one around as a briefcase. Needless to say, I’ve always been attracted to the messenger style bag. That might be why the Utility Messenger bag from Incipio appealed to me.

Incipio Utility Messenger Bag Review

The Utility Messenger is one of the Incipio’s nylon travel bags. It has four faux fur lined pockets and is large enough to house a 15” laptop computer. It measures an impressive 19.53” L x 15.47” W x 6.22” D, which is large, but also small enough to tote as a carry on bag for most airlines. The Utility Messenger boasts 1,270 cubic inches of cargo space, which is plenty to house all your important tech goodies. In addition to its impressive size, there is a TSA friendly laptop sleeve included. While I typically don’t run my earbuds through bag compartments, the Utility Messenger includes two headphone ports for convenience. One of the most important features of a Messenger bag is of course the shoulder strap. Incipio really put some thought into this part of the bag because it’s got an extra cushioned non-slip pad and it’s very comfortable to wear.

Incipio Utility Messenger Bag Review

When the bag arrived, I was immediately taken with the vibrant color of it. There are two colors available on – red and royal blue. I received the royal blue version and have been very happy with it. It’s very easy to spot and if you are traveling, as it’s a great distinction from other messenger bags of a similar style. Another feature that caught my eye right away was the sheer amount of pockets that were available. I’ve been using this messenger bag almost exclusively for the past couple of weeks and have been very happy with it. I really like how you can put your laptop in the back pocket and take it out without opening the rest of the bag. It’s very convenient. I also really like how the size of the main compartment allows for storage of lots of different accessories.

Incipio Utility Messenger Bag Review

I like my utility/everyday bags to be organized, but there is something really nice about just throwing things in a giant compartment haphazardly, too. Sometimes I don’t really like flaps that cover the main compartment, but in this case, it’s a nice option. There have been many times since I’ve been using this bag that I have just gotten out my laptop for some writing or photo editing and not needed anything else in the bag. It’s been nice to have all of it packed away securely underneath that flap. Another thing that’s been really nice is that the closure on the flap is two-fold. It has a very strong velcro closure and then doubles up with two snap buckles. Needless to say, I’ve not had any issues with items falling out of it.

Incipio Utility Messenger Bag Review

The Utility Messenger is the ideal laptop bag for someone who ‘lives’ out of their computer bag. It has ample space for accessories and I could even see fitting some clothes in it. It comes in vibrant color choices and has a very classy style to it. It’s extremely durable for any situation or type of user.

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