An impressive slim case with military drop protection.

I am one of those people who like to keep their precious iPhone safely inside a case. The type of case depends on what is going on in my life. I typically just go to and from work with a few stops in between, but I don’t usually go places for vigorous activities though. Even so, I like my phone to be well-protected. I’ve learned though that well-protected doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you have to use a bulky, over-sized case. Incipio has some wonderful options for full protection of your iPhone like the Haven Lux slim case.

Incipio Haven Lux Protective iPhone Case REVIEW

The Haven Lux case is a slim case with advanced drop protection. It has built-in shock absorbing padding units and a one-piece multi-layer structure. I’ve seen a lot of cases designed in a similar manner, but they are two pieces – an interior bumper and an exterior shell. In my opinion, these type of cases can come apart quite easily and because of that, they aren’t great for drop protection. The Haven Lux’s one-piece design is built for protection and it’s been drop-tested up to 8 feet.

The case has a high-gloss finish on the exterior, which I will sometimes stay away from because it can cause the case to be slick. This one, however, is very easy to grip and it looks great. The Haven Lux comes in 8 different colors – navy, berry pink, lavender, black, merlot, rose gold, turquoise, and white. The neat thing about some of the colors is that the case almost has a two-tone appearance to it. For example, the navy case is darker on the exterior glossy part of it than the interior shell. I found this to be a unique feature and really like the look of it.

Incipio Haven Lux Protective iPhone Case REVIEW

In addition to the build and look of the case, here are a few other features I took note of:

  • There is a raised lip for screen protection. Without this option on a case, the phone’s screen could be permanently damaged in the event of a face-down fall. The lip causes the case to take the impact away from the phone’s screen so that it remains unscathed.
  • The buttons are responsive. This can be a rarity with some protective cases. The sleep/wake/Siri button on the right side of the iPhone and the volume up/down button on the left side of the phone are sometimes hard to press through a thicker case, but Incipio made it quite easy to use the buttons on the Haven Lux.
  • The ports are recessed, but easy to use. This is another problem area that some cases have – especially the Lightning port. On the Haven Lux, the Lightning port cutout on the case is a little wider than the actual port on the phone. This is a nice design element because it allows for larger cables to be used to charge/sync the phone while in the case.
  • The camera cutout prevents damage from falls. This is a similar protective barrier to the screen lip. The cutout accommodates nicely for the camera, but it’s raised enough to protect the lens without obstructing the flash or camera’s field of view.

Incipio Haven Lux Protective iPhone Case REVIEW

During my time testing out the Haven Lux case, I did not attempt an actual drop test, but I believe that the case will hold up against most daily use. It is easy to install the phone into the case even though it’s semi-rigid when it’s empty. I would recommend this case to most users. It fits easily with many lifestyles and with the different color variations, it’s easy to pick on that will fit your personality.

The Haven Lux case is available for the iPhone X, the iPhone 7/8, and the iPhone 7/8 Plus.

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