See the beauty of your phone with the clear grip case from Incipio

I am normally a case-free type of person. Just recently I started adapting to using a case more often and I found myself reaching for an INCIPIO Grip Case when I upgraded to an iPhone 13 Pro. I wanted something with MagSafe and I also wanted to be able to see the new color of my phone. Thus I went for the clear version of this case. I was attracted by this case due to the grip around the outside of the case. It makes having a clear case not feel so slick or duel.


The Grip case is designed with cutting-edge technology so that the user can keep the phone firmly in their hand. It has multidirectional grips that prevent slippage in all directions. The Grip case has 14-foot drop protection thanks to its Impact Struts. It also has a raised-edge bezel to ward off cracks and scratches from the screen and camera. the case is also infused with Antimicrobial technology which prevents 99.9% of surface bacteria. The case has an MSRP of $39.99 and comes in seven different colors: blue/clear, black/clear, black, pink/clear, clear, midnight navy, and red. The case weighs 0.24lbs and measures 6.03 x 3.09 x 0.52 in.

Incipio Grip Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Main Features

  • 14 Ft. Drop protection
  • Multi-directional Grips prevent slippage in all directions
  • Impact Struts protection tech reduces impact force
  • Raised-edge bezel protects the screen and camera
  • Made from Recycled Materials
  • Scratch & discoloration resistant
  • Antimicrobial Defense
  • Lifetime Warranty​
  •  Wireless & MagSafe-charging Compatible
  •  5G Compatible


INCIPIO has some of the best-branded boxes in the case game. So when I saw the box I already knew what to expect. They provide a lifetime warranty for the Grip case and believe me I think it would take a lifetime to break it down. It’s a very hearty case. Installation of the case is very easy. You just line up the volume buttons with the case and press the phone into the side. Then you press the other sides of the phone into the case until it pops into place. I’ve not had any issues with the case not feeling secure.

Incipio Grip Case for iPhone 13 Pro

I really enjoy the grip on this case. Most clear cases always get greasy from everyday use and feel slippery but not the Grip case. It has remained slip-resistant. The side grip material has been wonderful and it even seems to stay pretty clean. I have yet to see dirt get trapped in the grooves. One issue I found with the case is that while using some automotive vent mounts the case with the iPhone 13 Pro does not want to completely work with MagSafe. It would fall off the charger at times while driving. This wasn’t a problem with my iPhone 12 Pro so it could be the added weight of the 13 Pro that is making it unstable.

I don’t typically do drop tests to prove whether or not a claimed distance works for drop protection or not. I can say that with the several falls from the MagSafe vent mount and a couple of drops from my desk to the floor, the phone has remained well-protected from scratches and dings.

Incipio Grip Case for iPhone 13 Pro


As someone who likes to go without a case, I can say it’s been quite nice using the Grip for iPhone 13 Pro from INCIPIO. With minimal branding and a solid feel in the hand, the case is a winner for someone looking for lots of protection while still being able to enjoy their new iPhone 13 Pro.

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