inCharge Keyring Cable makes it easy to charge on the go.

This past week, I’ve been working at home rather than going into my company’s office. It’s nice to have that flexibility, but I also find myself modifying the way I work to accommodate my home office surroundings – aka my kitchen table. Earlier this week, I found myself desperately needing power for my Bluetooth headset. Because I was at home, I didn’t have my usual Micro USB cables handy. I had a few longer cables available, but really didn’t want a bunch of cables strewn around the table taking up my already limited workspace. So, I reached for one of my two inCharge MicroUSB cables and I haven’t put it away since.

inCharge Keyring Cable Review

The inCharge cable is really a very simple concept. It’s a compact charging cable that can always be carried along with you. When it’s closed, the cable is only 1.5 inches long, which makes it both extremely portable and also the smallest keyring charging cable in the world. The cable is available with both Micro USB and Lightning connectors and can be found in several different colors. inCharge cables feature a magnetic system that close the cable in a loop around a keyring. The product designers used extra strong N52 magnets to ensure that inCharge cables stayed in place when you want them to. inCharge cables also utilize a flat cable design that make it possible for the cable to never become tangled.

inCharge Keyring Cable Review

The inCharge Keyring Cable is a no-brainer in my opinion. The cables work very well and are very easy to carry along with you. It  carries the moniker of ‘the smallest keyring cable’ and lives up to its tagline. It’s a great option for any type of traveler, business person, or anyone who uses mobile devices.

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