A great case for active AirPod users. 

A few months ago I received a pair of AirPods Pro as a gift. I’ve been a fan of AirPods since they were released and I’ve loved the sound they produce. There is rarely a time that I don’t have my AirPods Pro with me, but that becomes a concern since the case is not indestructible. It’s strong, but it’s not invisible and it can actually get scratched up quite quickly. Fortunately, InCase has developed a great case for the AirPods Pro – the Reform Sport Case. 


The Reform Sport Case is made of polycarbonate and TPU for durability. The shell is meant to protect the AirPods Pro charging case from impact. It reduces the force of an impact before it reaches the actual earphones themselves. The case has a perforated surface pattern that looks great but also serves a dedicated purpose. This perforation provides a secure grip for the user and helps to dissipate heat. The case features antimicrobial technology that eliminates and prevents 99.9% of surface bacteria as well as anti-fungal protection. The case is compatible with the AirPods Pro wireless charging capabilities. A removable lanyard is included with the case so that users can keep it tethered to them while on the go. There are five color variations available – black, blue, black/volt, gray/tangerine, and rose coral. 



When I received the case I thought I knew what to expect. I’ve used cases before for my AirPods Pro and to be honest, I have never been overly impressed with what I’ve used. They either aren’t a good fit or the cases just don’t feel right. Those preconceived notions were thrown out the window when I opened the Reform case. The case has a hard shell feel to it and it installs quite easily onto the AirPods Pro case. The cut-out around the hinge and the Lightning port are perfect. There is plenty of space left for the case to open and close and the Lightning port has plenty of room around it so that any Lightning cable can be used. 


The color option I went with is blue so that my AirPods Pro can match my phone and watch. The blue color is kind of a muted blue and it looks like it has some gray mixed into it. It’s very classy looking and isn’t a super bright color that is practically screaming at you. It’s subtle and it just looks good. The Incase logo is stamped onto the spot that covers the reset/pairing button on the AirPod case. I loved this touch because it keeps Incase’s branding on the case, but it isn’t in your face. The lanyard is a very nice touch in my opinion. It was preinstalled on my case and it’s long enough to wrap around someone’s wrist if they want. I also love the design of the clip on the lanyard it makes it easy to be able to pull the slack of the cable. 


The case opens and closes with ease. There is no gap between the top and bottom of the AirPod case so it looks like it’s a continuous covering on the charging case. There is also a very small cutout for the LED indicator to shine through. It does so quite easily and it’s visible for the user. The case does work with wireless charging – I tested it with two separate wireless charging pads. 



I really don’t have any complaints about this case. It’s designed exceptionally well and I love it when accessories just ‘fit’ the products they are designed for. The price while it seems a little high (approximately $35 at the time of publishing), it seems to be around the same price range for similar products. There are a lot of cases for AirPods Pro that don’t cost as much, but they are of much lower quality, too. Before using this case, I didn’t really see a reason for putting a case on a set of AirPods Pro. With a case like this, it makes sense. 

For more information, visit incase.com, Facebook, or Twitter.