Just incase you want to slip into something a little more comfortable, remember armor does not have to mean heavy duty.

Once we have made the decision on which phone to purchase, we are left with an even more difficult decision of choosing a case.  I could never leave my phone unadorned, after spending so much money on a smartphone.  Alas, I still see people in the wild with Apple and Android devices sans cases.  From falls, to scuffs, to bumps, to scratches, etc., many of the devices in my home seem to attract danger.  Protecting my phone with fully waterproof armor level casing, I have wondered about the thin bumper style cases.  My wife wanted a thin, clear, lightweight case for her iPhone X and we decided to try out the Incase iPhone X case.   

incase Protective Clear iPhone X case REVIEW

The Incase iPhone X/XS case arrived in a 4 1/4 inches wide by 7 1/8 inches tall retail box.  Akin to many of the Apple products, incase intelligently chose to utilize a clean, sterile white background.  The company name “Incase,” boldly displayed across the top of the panel, drastically contrasted with the clean background.  In a more subtle manner, the company added a 2 1/8 inches wide by 4 1/4 inches tall image of the clear plastic iPhone X case along the middle.  Both side panels were adorned with the Incase name, the top panel had a clear plastic hanging tab and the bottom gray panel displayed “A better experience through good design.” The back panel provided a labeled diagram of the case, describing three main features: 1. Protection technology built into the bumper provides excellent shock absorption by diffusing impact from accidental drops.  2. Clear gloss design lets the gorgeous design of iPhone show through while keeping it in excellent condition. 3. Grooves around the perimeter of the case provide superior grip while holding iPhone in your hand. Just beneath the labeled diagram, you will find a small paragraph detailing the protective shock absorbing nature of the case.  As a bonus, the company provided this information in ten languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Thai. 

incase Protective Clear iPhone X case REVIEW

To remove the iPhone X case from the packaging, grip the inner gray box and slide it out of the outer box.  The incase iPhone X case arrived resting upon a thin white plastic pedestal; gently lift the IPhone case upward to remove it.  The 0.95-ounce clear iPhone case had a lower 5/16 inches tall by 9/16 inches wide lightning port cutout and two 9/16 inches wide by 1/8 inches tall speaker cutouts.  The right side of the case had a 3/16 inches tall by 5/16 inches wide cutout for the volume toggle and rubberized volume up/down buttons.  The left side of the case had a single rubberized power button and a subtle “incase” etched into the lower segment.  To add extra gripping power, there were five band-like ridges cut into the side panels.  The semi-opaque bands drastically increased the ability of the side/top/bottom panels to stick to my fingers. I was quite pleased with this feature but the clear back panel had to be my favorite feature.  Like the clear waters of a glacial lake, the back panel preserved the beauty of the the black phone surface and the Apple logo.  For those who love iPhones in their au naturel state, this phone case may scratch that itch.  Lastly, the case had precision cutout for the vertical iPhone X camera and the side panels stuck up beyond the screen for added glancing protection. 

incase Protective Clear iPhone X case REVIEW

My wife liked the added grippy ridges along the sides and noted that it would have been even better with a wrist lanyard.  She did not want to add a pop socket, as she thought it would blemish the beautiful clear surface. The volume up/down and power buttons were a little too squishy and we wished that they had a slightly more rigid click feel.  The volume toggle was easily accessible and the lightning port allowed easy access to power.  If you are looking for an easy to install, lightweight bumper case, definitely consider incase.

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