A great option for a minimal case.

In the past year, I’ve tried to cut back on items I carry from place to place. Instead of carrying full-size laptop bags, sometimes I just grab a sleeve for my laptop so that it’s well-protected while I’m on the go. With that in mind, I like sleeves that have a slim profile so that if I choose to pair it with a bag or backpack, I have that option. The Compact Sleeve w/BIONIC from Incase is a great option for a minimalist laptop carrying case. 


The Compact Sleeve is designed to complement the form of the MacBook. It’s created with BIONIC FLX yarn, which is made from recovered ocean plastic. The yarn used to make the sleeve is the equivalent of 7 plastic bottles. The material is durable and abrasion-resistant. The sleeve features an external quick-access zippered organization pocket and a zippered closure for the laptop compartment.   


The case comes in a cardboard sleeve that has basic information about the product on it. Being that it’s a laptop sleeve, there are no instructions or user manuals included with the product, but the operation is fairly self-explanatory. You unzip the main compartment zipper and slide the laptop in. Then you close the zipper again. The external pocket isn’t as deep as the main compartment but it can be used for small accessories. The pocket can hold the laptop’s charger and its cable, but because it’s a slim sleeve, it’s not really a great fit. 

As I mentioned above, I like laptop sleeves, but prefer to use those with slim profiles so that you can still carry the laptop in a large bag if you need to. I have encountered many different types of laptop bags that just don’t have enough padding in the laptop section. That’s what I typically use sleeves like this for. The Compact Sleeve is perfect for this. I actually just reviewed one of the other products in Incase’s BIONIC product line – the Commuter Backpack. This Compact Sleeve fits perfectly in the laptop compartment of the backpack and the products are very complimentary of each other. 

The sleeve does a good job of covering the laptop and I think it has adequate padding for protection. I have the version for the 16-inch laptop and I used it with my 16-inch MacBook Pro.  The sleeve was a perfect fit for the laptop and while I felt like it was secure, it wasn’t a ‘tight’ fit. Since I tend to favor slim profile sleeves, this one is definitely one that will remain in my standard rotation of cases and bags. 


It’s always important to have good protection for your computer and the Compact Sleeve is a really nice option for that. It won’t do much for impact protection since it’s soft-sided, but it is environmentally friendly as well as stylish. 

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