Compact bags are great for daily carry-alls. 

In recent days I’ve found the need to have a small bag to carry everyday items in it. I’ve always carried a purse, but honestly, sometimes it’s just too bulky and isn’t real convenient to carry. Being a child of the 80s, I grew up in the height of fanny pack mania and I’ve been happy to see newer, more modern styles of the side-wearing bag come back into style. One of my favorite bag companies, Incase, actually has a new Hipsack available as a part of their Bionic line of products. The design is reminiscent of the classic fanny packs from the 80s and 90s, but it has more modern features. Another great compact bag from Incase is the Accessory Organizer, which is also part of the Bionic product line. It’s designed specifically for storing tech accessories, which is another bag I’ve found myself needing lately. 

Made with BIONIC

As I mentioned both these bags are part of the BIONIC product line. Incase has this remarkable new collection that is made with a durable material that is created from recoverd plastic pollution found in marine and coastal environments. They call it BIONIC yarn and it’s their way of repurposing plastic into everyday products that people need. The BIONIC FLX yarn is durable and features high-performance properties like abrasion-resistance and micro ripstop qualities. This movement is tied to the nonprofit organization WaterKeeper Alliance, which is dedicated to the advocacy of clean water. “Through this alliance, BIONIC establishes local recycling infrastructure and plastic recovery centers that clean and process the ocean plastics needed to support their supply chain (Incase website).”


The Hipsack features multiple mesh, zippered inner pockets that are intended to keep you organized. There is also an exterior zipper pocket that is sized and positioned perfectly for items you access often. The Hipsack is designed to be worn comfortably on the hip or over the shoulder. It has a strong, built-in, adjustable waistband with a secure clasp. The bag is created from the equivalent of thirteen plastic bottles. The Hipsack comes in two color choices – sand and baltic sea – and it measures 8.5in x 5.5in x 2.5in  (L x W x H). 


This pouch is a super slick way to sort and secure your on-the-go tech accessories. It’s perfect for items such as iPhones, chargers, cables, AirPods, and other tech essentials. The bag is a bi-fold pouch with a zippered access main compartment. On the inside, you will find multiple storage slips for cables and other accessories. There is also a loop for a writing utensil or stylus. The Accessory Organizer is created from the equivalent of seven plastic bottles. It comes in four different colors – sand, baltic sea, ocean green, and steel gray – and it measures 9.5 x 6 x 2 in (L x W x H). 


I’ve been a fan of Incase bags for quite a long time and these BIONIC products have really grown on me. A few weeks ago, I reviewed the Commuter Backpack, which is incredible, and the Compact Sleeve for Laptops. They are both amazing products and because of my experience with those bags, I was eager to test out these smaller options to fill in my collection. The Accessory Organizer has a unique design to it. I’ve used organizers before that simply have slots and slots and slots for cable management. 

This organizer has different pocket options for different sizes of accessories. I love that there is a hard side to one of the pockets because it can help protect items like phones. The exterior pocket is also interesting because it opens in the center of the pocket rather than on the top. So, the pocket has even sides on each half. The zippers open and close easily and even when it has items in it, the pouch still lays pretty flat. 

The Hipsack is equally as awesome as the Accessory Organizer. I do get nostalgic feelings when I wear it, but the truth is, this bag is built so much better than the fanny packs I used to wear in middle school. There are several organizer pockets inside of the Hipsack, which really makes this bag stand out to me. There is an easy access pouch that extends into the interior of the Hipsack. The only bad thing about that feature is that if you have a full bag, the exterior pouch becomes difficult to use. Is that a deal-breaker? Absolutely not! It’s a great day-runner pack and it is complementary to the other pieces in the collection. 


I’m very excited about having a full set of BIONIC bags. We are planning a trip out of town soon and I plan on using all four bags for packing. They are all lightweight, wear well, and they are very durable. I wasn’t sure what to expect from these bags, but I’ve been incredibly surprised by them and I would easily recommend them to others. 

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