The app that will make you love the phone calls

PLAIN voice calls from mobile phones sometimes are just time wasters. Very often incoming calls happen at the most inappropriate time. That’s why inCaller provides a solution — ENRICHED calls. Add text, call type, and stickers right to your calls to boost their efficiency, and make them courteous and handy. It’s like adding a subject line to a call. With inCaller app you know who’s calling and why (before picking up the phone), and whether to answer or not.

Your calls now look aweeeesome!

inCaller iOS App REVIEW

Just pick a contact, add a sticker, and a text.

inCaller iOS App REVIEW

Behind this cuteness, there’s a great potential for saving your time and nerves. Just imagine getting a business call on your weekend — will you be willing to talk? Or remember this awkward moment when you call an unknown person and when he/ she finally answers you start an incoherent introduction. And almost everyone has regrets about a missed call… an important one, that they didn’t answer thinking that was just another idle conversation. All these situations could be avoided with inCaller — a short accompanying message with a call could make a big difference.

Besides a text, you can define a call type: Urgent, Business, Confidential, or Personal.

inCaller iOS App REVIEW

And choose a sticker from a regularly updated gallery, e.g:

inCaller iOS App REVIEW inCaller iOS App REVIEW inCaller iOS App REVIEW

The app can be used to call any of your contacts, but only those with inCaller installed will get the call enriched with metadata. To invite friends you can simply tap an Invite icon or share the app from the More page. There’s also a version for Android, so you should not bother about your call recipient’s device.

App developers welcome users’ feedback, features or content requests, and any person can become a beta tester to get the upcoming app versions (just apply via the contact form on the website).

There’re not so many apps, that can change your daily habits. inCaller aspires to become one of them, as it is ready to fully replace your native dialer.

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