Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case a good choice for iPad Air 2.

I really love the iPad and tablets in general. I feel like anything that can keep your life portable is a good thing and tablets do just that. They add a special level of connivence to your life. Many people can use tablets as singular devices without any accessories. I am not one of those people. I have found that I am much more productive if I have a keyboard within my reach to go along with my tablet. I’ve been fortunate to try out many different styles of keyboards and have found that the ones that feel most like an Apple laptop keyboard is the most beneficial for me. This keyboard case from Inateck is a wonderful option for people who, like me, enjoy having tactile keys.

Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

The Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case from Inateck is a wrap around case for the iPad Air 2. It is designed to add a wireless keyboard to your workflow, but also designed to protect your iPad. The cover is made from polyurethane leather and will provide protection for you iPad against scratches and scuffs. It’s lightweight and compact so that it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your slender iPad. The case has a magnetic closure which locks and unlocks the iPad similar to how the Apple Smart Covers behave.

Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

The keyboard has evenly spaced keys that are smooth to the touch and very responsive to key presses. The keyboard operates off of a magnetic switch. This ‘switch’ is intelligent and powers the keyboard on once the iPad is locked in the upright position. When you separate the keyboard from the iPad, it will power off automatically. There are actually two positions that will activate the magnetic switch – one at about 45 degrees and the other at about 35-40 degrees. These angles are both good for typing and viewing videos.

Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

I have been using this keyboard for a few days now and couldn’t be happier with its performance. The keys are very responsive and I’ve not had any issues with the keyboard randomly disconnecting from the iPad. It’s been a very solid keyboard. I’ve been extremely impressed with keyboard case. Aside from its slim profile and responsive keyboard, it also has some very intriguing technology integrated into it.

Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

This is a great keyboard case for any iPad Air 2 user. It’s very affordable and impressive.

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