Hub easily charges multiple devices simultaneously.

INAROCK 5-Port Smart USB Charger Review 3It is the goal of many companies to introduce you to items that you did not know you needed. Correction, it is the ultimate goal to get someone else to tell you that you are missing out on something amazing and then you purchase one too.

Cable management is an art to some and yet a bane to others. How many of us have nightstands or desks littered with cords, cables and so many plugs with so few outlets? How many of us have charging bricks for a phone, tablet, gaming system, random USB charging device? How many people are tired of the wire clutter?

If you said yes to any of the above, or are married to or in a relationship with anyone who would, then I have a review for you.

INAROCK 5-Port Smart USB Charger Review 4I have travelled quite a bit in the last decade, between the west coast and Midwest and back, to other states and have lived out of boxes and luggage seemingly for the past decade. It seems funny now that I have just started to develop an interest in camping. You know, living out of a suitcase. Here is where a previously unknown piece of tech has actually changed my life for the better. I have been given an INAROCK 5-Port Intelligent USB charger to discuss with you today.

The box art is rather succinct, promoting INAROCK IQ USB SMART CHARGER 5-Port 40W on its top face and listing the features on the side. The package contents are short and sweet. You get the charger (about the weight of two iDevice charging bricks {listed at 300 grams}), detachable power cord and a handy welcome guide. The guide claims “smart IC technology ports: Full-speed charge ANY device. 40W of power: Enough to full-speed charge multiple devices. simultaneously.” That is quite a feat and quite a feature list if true.

So, like any good boy, I read the book first. Yeah right, I wanted to test if it was true. There are 5 ports, each can output 5V/2.1A with 2.4A maximum. This will charge all USB powered devices with input current between 0 and 2.4 amps. The overall Input for the device is AC 100-240v.

INAROCK 5-Port Smart USB Charger Review 5Test 1: Does each port charge the same? Using my iPhone 5 (too chicken to test it on my 6s Plus initially) and iPad 2 (again chicken to try this on my iPad Air 2 initially), I tested each port for 5 minutes and found there to be about 1% power increase per minute when tested individually. Ports were the same, it made no difference. Roughly 1% per minute give or take. Test 2: charge both at the same time. I found this rate to be no different. Test 3: 1.5 hour iPhone 5 charge solo: 10% power to 91%, which is just a little under 1% per minute of test. My iPad never got low enough to duplicate this test. Future test: full capacity 5 port test starting around 10% each.

I tested this with my Nintento 3DS XL and found it charged as well if not better than the (now not included charger). My wife’s Samsung Galaxy s5 also charged roughly 1% per minute and this was also while charging my iPhone 6s Plus. Yes, I decided it would be okay after my iPhone 5, iPad2, 3DS XL and wife’s Samsung survived and thrived. Now I charge both my iPad Air 2 and 6s Plus on this nightly (attached to surge protector). For bonus I attached a Velcro command strip to the back and hid it behind my nightstand.

INAROCK 5-Port Smart USB Charger Review 6Like I said, I did not know I needed this until I had it and actually used it. What is more interesting, my wife, who really could care less about tech, actually complemented me on this device on our recent trip. She was happy to not have to use so many plugs (3 kids, at least 1 of them is still grabby).

This device does what it claims. It has 5 intelligent USB charging stations. Instead of carrying a brick for each of your iDevices, camera, 3DS or other USB charged device, you can now carry one item that charges them all. This item knows how much power each item uses and is able to adjust the output accordingly. Gone are the days of matching the right port to the right device. Plug ’em where you want em.

This is a travelers dream. I now can take just this 1 box and the USB Chargers for my devices. I only need
1 wall outlet. Ever in an airport trying to find a wall plug or charging station and have a few things to charge? Good luck finding that real estate. Now you have a leg up on the other wall poachers. Charge them all at once and at a single outlet.

I love this device and now actually use it as my sole device charger. It easily charges my iPhone 5, 6s Plus, and iPad Air 2 quickly and efficiently. The only downside on this review is having solely 5 stars to give.

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