Wireless charging pad provides induction charging on a budget

I had to do a little research on this device. To me wireless charging seemed like magic and, of course, that’s absurd. The iMuto Wireless Charging pad isn’t magic. It uses an induction coil transmitter to send a magnetic field to an induction coil receiver inside the device which uses that magnetic field to generate the electricity necessary to charge the battery. Now that the science is out of the way. Let me start by saying it charges any Qi-enabled device.

This small but useful charger can be used with the built-in USB cable or with a micro USB cord. It is small enough to be used wherever you need to. It fits perfectly on a desk or nightstand. It’s even small enough to fit in a pocket or purse to take carry with you in your travels. Built into the charger is an LED indicator that indicates that it’s ready to charge, charging, or malfunctioning. I’ve not experienced the latter. So far I’ve had no trouble with the charger at all.

iMuto Mini Wireless Charging Pad REVIEW

I’m using my Galaxy S7 Edge to test the iMuto and there are two things I should mention. I have my phone in an Otterbox defender case and it doesn’t seem to hinder the charger’s ability to charge my phone. The Defender is a pretty beefy case so I’m inclined to say that other cases shouldn’t be a problem. A metal case may interfere with the magnetic field but that hasn’t been proven. The other thing I’d like to point out is this isn’t a fast charger. My phone, like many others, came with a fast charge adapter and it is significantly faster than the iMuto charging pad. That being said, The wireless charger seems to keep pace with other, non “fast charging” adapters.

iMuto Mini Wireless Charging Pad REVIEW

Presently, I’m streaming music via Bluetooth while charging. I started at 28% and in about two hours I’m up to 66%. I’m pretty happy with the iMuto charger. It does a fine job of charging my phone without being hindered by a case. The battery is barely heating up at all, even being taxed while charging. I can’t say that for my quick charger. Take into consideration that the iMuto can be purchased for as low as $15 it really is a good investment for those wanting a wireless charger.

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