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Back when I was just a kid and computers were a brand new element in my life, I found entertainment with the very simple jigsaw puzzle application on Macintosh OS 7. The only other game on our Mac was chess and I would bounce between the two all the time. The jigsaw puzzle only had one design — a world map — and you could choose between easy, medium, and hard levels. They would vary in difficulty depending on how many pieces were in the puzzle. It was fun but did get quite monotonous after several play-throughs of the game. In those days games for Macintosh were scarce and you really didn’t have a lot of options for digital entertainment. Now, iOS devices, the heart of Apple’s computing are also the heart of mobile gaming. I recently came upon a lovely jigsaw puzzle game for iOS that made me reminiscent of the old days when I would long for variety in the world map puzzle on our Macintosh.

Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles iOS Game REVIEW

Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles is a free iOS game supported by in-game ads. It features more than 70 abstract pictures in various themes including – dots, lines, colors, patterns. There are three levels of difficulty (just like the old Macintosh Jigsaw Puzzle) — easy, hard, and impossible — with different piece totals for each level (16 to 64). The game comes equipped with 27 goals to achieve like “Complete One Lines Puzzle” and “Complete One Easy Puzzle”. Developer Mondo Digitale designed the app with abstract jigsaws because they are a great way to train the mind, eyes, and coordination.

Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles iOS Game REVIEW

When you first start up Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles, you will be greeted with a title screen and invited to ‘click to start’ the game. This verbiage is a little off since it’s an iOS game. Instead of ‘click,’ ‘tap’ would be more of an appropriate term to use. Once you enter the game, you will find a screen with colorful icons that represent the different puzzles boards. You select one, the board generates, and some ethereal music starts playing. When you place a piece in the right place, then it will slide into the background and make a ‘ding’ noise to let you know it was a correct move. The pieces are scattered around the board and you can slide them off to the sides, but if they are on top of the puzzle space and you place a piece in the correct place, the piece will push to the background and the other pieces will stay on top.

Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles iOS Game REVIEW

When you solve the puzzle, you will be greeted with a “Puzzle Solved” message on the screen and when you return to the menu, a small check mark will appear letting you know that you already cleared that puzzle. All in all, the easy puzzles are, well, easy. But, the hard puzzles and the impossible ones are incredibly difficult because they introduce rotating pieces into the mix. You always have the option to view the completed puzzle, but even when I did, I still had trouble with the harder level boards. The game is quite enjoyable and a really good way to kill some time. I wouldn’t consider it ‘addictive’ like some other puzzle-style games out there, but it does present the player a definite challenge.

Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles iOS Game REVIEW

One really important thing to note is that since the app is 100% free, the developer did place ads throughout the game. There is an ever present banner ad at the bottom of the screen that never goes away and then in between boards, there is a full-screen ad. This did become annoying to me and since there is no screen for settings, there isn’t a way to remove the ads. This app is currently on version 1.3.4 and I would hope that maybe they would include removing the ads as an option at some point in the future. Other than that, this is an enjoyable jigsaw puzzle game that I think puzzle fans will really enjoy.

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