App developer, iMazing announced today a thrilling new way for transferring, copying and printing in WhatsApp and iMessages chats.

Nowadays millions of people around the world send and receive billions of messages on their iPhones. Many of them need to manage these messages: backup, print, save as PDF or just free up some space on the device without losing everything.

iMazing was always known as the powerful tool for managing iOS messages. Its latest version is a big step towards better and painless way to save and organize mobile conversations.

Here are just a few iOS messages tricks you can do with the latest iMazing update:

  • Backup iPhone messages
    Safe and secure local backups of all your messages in one convenient place – your computer.
  • Select and organize your favorite messages
    There is no doubt – it’s much easier to browse WhatsApp and iMessage chats from up to down on the desktop. No more scrolling through hundreds of messages! You can search and select the most important messages and save them in the way that makes sense for you – by name, date, topic ets.
  • Save messages as PDF, CSV or TXT
    Transform messages or even threads into documents, which you can organize into folders, upload to storage or share as email attachments.
  • Print messages
    Do you want to surprise your loved ones with the printed letter with the warm quotes from your chats or need to add conversation to legal papers – it’s easy with iMazing! Now you can even select paper type, number of copies etc
  • Bulk export of all attachment types
    In modern world, people avoid sending long texts. Most of WhatsApp users prefer to send voice messages or photos. With iMazing you can export all of them or just selected ones and save for later use.

The new versions are 2.9 (macOS) and 2.8 (Windows) and this update is free for iMazing 2 license holders.Here is the link to our web site, where you can find more details and in-depth Messages guides:

And detailed blog post about Messages update: