The latest version of iMazing, the iOS device manager developed by DigiDNA, is ready for the new iPhone 7 and iOS 10.

iMazing was created as an alternative to iTunes, so people could freely manage music and files on their iPhone, iPad or iPod. The software now allows Mac and PC users to go beyond iTunes’ capabilities and take control of their mobile devices. Today, developer DigiDNA has released, iMazing 2 for Mac and PC. It’s a major step forward for personal iOS device management, empowering users to simply do more with their Apple devices. Downloaded by over 10M users, iMazing is the number one software to transfer and save music, messages, and data from any iOS device to a computer. It works with all iPhone, iPad and iPod models, on both Mac and PC.

iMazing 2 Device Manager for Mac and PC Launches NEWS

What’s New

iMazing 2 is the most advanced backup solution for all iOS devices. More powerful and user friendly than iTunes, more private and safer than iCloud. Plus, with a fresh interface and intuitive wizards, it’s a richer experience for all Mac and PC users.

A time machine for iPhone
iMazing 2 automatically keeps a history of your backups. You can switch between different versions in exactly 3 clicks. Go back in time and browse your iPhone just as it was yesterday or last month.

Fresh look and feel
The new colourful and personalised interface is a joy to use. And, thanks to our new wizards, backing up, restoring, or transferring data to a new device has never been simpler.

Full iOS 10 support
With iOS 10, Apple has completely changed its backup format. iMazing 2 is one of the only software to fully support the new format, including if backups are encrypted.

Advanced backup management
Unlike with iTunes and iCloud, backups are safely archived and never overwritten. Only new data is stored, so new backups use less space. Plus, you can choose to backup each of your devices to a different location.

Battery health check
iMazing 2 monitors battery performance and indicates its health. Users can check anytime a battery’s charge and wear. Convenient when you suspect a problem, or just to be sure that everything is fine.

Single licence for one computer: $39.99
Universal licences for two computers: $49.99
Family licenses for up to 5 computers: $69.99

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