iMazing 2.2 was just released complete with iOS 10.3 compatibility and lots of more features.

iMazing, and iOS media manager, was created as an alternative to iTunes, so people could freely manage music and files on their iPhone, iPad or iPod. The software now allows Mac and PC users to go beyond iTunes’ capabilities and take control of their mobile devices and this week, developer DigiDNA released an update to the popular app to include compatibility with iOS 10.3 as well as transfer of photos and iBooks.

Here are the main details of the update:

  • Photos – transferring photos between desktop and iOS devices now works both ways! Moreover, it’s super easy to create albums and manage photos in them.
  • iBooks – one of the most requested features is live. Add e-books and pdfs to iBooks in seconds to save time for reading.
  • Device management – ability to reinstall or update iOS, remove pairing of devices and more.
  • BackOff – must have option for those who want to prevent iTunes and Photos from launching automatically.
  • Battery health – no need to use additional software for checking iPhone or iPad battery health. iMazing 2 already had a small, but very informative popover to monitor battery health, and in 2.2, we’ve added more technical tidbits like battery temperature, voltage, amperage, and serial number.

Single licence for one computer: $39.99
Universal licences for two computers: $49.99
Family licenses for up to 5 computers: $69.99

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