New features added to massive update of iMazing’s Photos tool on Mac and PC.

Earlier this year, iMazing released a brand new version of their Photos tool for Mac and PC with a new way to transfer and manage iOS photos on the desktop. The Photos features were rebuilt from the ground up to make it faster and more responsive than ever before. On December 11, iMazing released an update for their software to bring the current version to 2.13.2. This version adds support for Apple ProRAW, a professional-grade image format that was just made available to iOS users this week with the release of iOS 14.3. With the current version of iMazing, users can browse and export their ProRAW shots. Read their latest blog post to learn about Apple ProRAW and how iMazing works with it. The full list of updates for iMazing 2.13.2 is listed below.

Fixes and improvements in 2.13.2

  • Calendars: Fixed case where exported events would contain a truncated note field.
  • Configurator: Added Automatically re-execute blueprint on reconnect after successful operation option to the operations dispatcher view. This setting facilitates automating provisioning in cases where the same device may be automatically provisioned multiple times upon connection to iMazing Configurator.
  • Configurator: Improved error reporting when MDM enrollment is set to Download and Apply Configuration from DEP.
  • Contacts: Fixed case where the birthday field was not included when exporting to vCard.
  • Photos: Exporting to external drives no longer requires temporary local storage space.
  • Messages & WhatsApp: Fixed memory leak when exporting audio attachments.
  • Messages & WhatsApp: Fixed case where no attachments were exported when using the Export all data tool.
  • Messages & WhatsApp: Fixed case where not all attachments were exported when exporting multiple sessions simultaneously.
  • Messages & WhatsApp: Fixed case where the date label could be missing between text bubbles.
  • Messages & WhatsApps: Printer settings are now persistent.
  • Music: Improved parsing of Album Year ID3 tag.
  • Music: Improved handling of album art ID3 tags unexpectedly formatted.
  • Music: Fixed case where album art ID3 tag would be duplicated when exporting a track.
  • WhatsApp: Added blocked/unblocked notifications.
  • WhatsApp: Added broadcast messages.
  • WhatsApp: Improved handling of empty chats and notifications.
  • Other small fixes and stability improvements.

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