2020 convention comes to an end with a jovial sendoff.

The closing party was held in the Delta Atrium. The area of the resort was closed off for all guests except for those wearing an All Access Imaging USA badge. Attendees were provided with a complimentary drink ticket and allowed to wander the atrium area. A variety of food stations were set up around the atrium for attendees to enjoy. Some of the foods included Italian style entrees, make-your-own sliders, salads in a mason jar, and sample size desserts.

The MacSources teams rushed into the party area quickly in order to grab a table to congregate around. We took turns getting in lines for food, which moved surprisingly quickly. There was no shortage of food and the staff did a good job of refilling food trays quickly and it wasn’t until around 9:00 p.m. when the food tables were cleared off.

There was a large dancing area set aside for the evening and attendees took advantage of it as the food was moved off the floor. The DJ did a good job of providing a wide variety of music that was both enjoyable to listen to and fun to dance to. Our team called it an early night in order to digest all the information we gained throughout the conference. All in all, it was a great way to end the show.