ImageMinify Mac App Review:

A simple image compressor and optimizer.

ImageMinify Mac App Review 3One of the daily struggles we have as a review website is keeping file sizes small. It’s important to the speed at which a website loads. We want to keep images of our products at a high quality, but small file size. This can get very tricky because you don’t want to lose any quality when you downsize files. We have used a variety of programs and websites that specialize in lossless compression and are taking a closer look at ImageMinify.

ImageMinify is an image compressor and optimizer. It’s very easy to use and helps mostly as an optimizer. The app is compatible with most image file types such as PNG, JPG, GIF and SVG and provides lossless compression of images. I think perhaps the best feature of this app is that it’s also offer batch conversion.

When I first downloaded the app and installed it, I was surprised about its simplicity. It is basically just a window that you drag and drop images into. You also have the option to import files from a file menu. Once you have all the files in place that you want to compress, you click on ‘start’. The app handles the rest of the heavy lifting. Once the images are optimized and compressed, the app shows you the new file size and the percentage that it was able to compress to. There is a very short settings menu that includes the option of where to save your new files and whether or not you want to save over the old files.

One thing that was a bit disconcerting was that we experienced some technical issues during the testing of the app. On one computer, it worked fine. On the other computer we tested it on, the app would throw some errors that would prevent it from functioning properly.

ImageMinify Mac App Review 5Another thing that was a bit odd was that you can only compress an image one time. For example, I compressed and image and didn’t think the file size was small enough. I put it back through ImageMinify and it shows 0% compression.

ImageMinify is a very easy app to use, but I was hoping for more options with a compression software. I can recommend it for small compression jobs, but for heavier lifting projects, I would probably look elsewhere.

ImageMinify is available for download for $9.99.

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