October is a special time for MacAddicts. It is the month where we met the iPod for the first time…15-inch unibody MacBook Pro…iPhone 4S…all for the first time. And now, we meet the iPad Mini.

It’s a lovely new addition to the Apple product line. So, why shrink the iPad? Well, Apple execs will be the first to tell you that they didn’t simply shrink the iPad. The iPad Mini is a whole new device…built from the ground up. That’s something I really appreciate when it comes to this new little darlin’ in the Apple family. It’s a got a lot to live up to, but I believe it will fill big brother’s shoes nicely.

Being in the marketing profession, I know that the largest consumer market is women 35-55. They are the buying power in households. This device becomes much more desirable to that demographic because it is larger than a cell phone, but smaller than most tablets so that it fits easier into purses and handbags. It’s just one marketing theory and there are many reasons to develop a smaller mobile tablet.

The new baby certainly stole the show, but let’s not forget that Apple also announced FOUR other hardware devices including a Mac Mini refresh, iPad Fourth Generation, iMac refresh and the new retina display 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The fourth generation iPad is a step-up upgrade from the iPad 3. The release of this device sees the discontinuing of the other and the only real differences in the two is the integration of the lightning cable, a newer camera on the iPad 4 and the upgrade in processor to the A6X. The iPad 3 had a shelf life of 6 months before iPad 4 was born. So, how long will iPad 4 have to wait before going into the vault of discontinued Apple products?

The iMac is possibly the most impressive of the bunch since the new display is only 5mm thick. Let me repeat that.  The display on the iMac is only 5mm thick! It’s like a very large iPad welded to an iMac stand. The processor got an upgrade to the third-generation quad-core i5, which is built on the latest Ivy Bridge architecture. Apple gives users the options to configure the iMac with an i7 instead of the i5. Let’s not forget the graphics card. Apple has included NVIDIA’s Kepler graphics architecture to boost graphics performance up to 60 percent more than its predecessor.

Not to gloss over its announcement, but the MacBook Pro also had a new bundle of joy delivered – the 13-inch retina display MacBook Pro. It’s the little brother to the 15-inch retina display MBP, but don’t let that fool you. It packs quite a punch. It’s powerful, beautiful and compact. The other major refresh released today was the Mac Mini. In addition to the Mac Mini with the 2.5 GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, Apple is also offering one with the i7 chip, two 1TB hard drives and equipped with OS X server. The Mac Mini is also blessed with four USB 3.0 ports instead of the USB 2.0 ports that it was refreshed with last year.

I was not disappointed with today’s announcement. It lived up to my expectations and brought some wonderful new products to the marketplace.