Wake up fully rested by falling asleep to your own sunset

When I was younger I was told I ran on “Nick time.” I would never show up on time nor would I sometimes show up on the day I said I would. My days and nights were mixed up because of my sleep schedule. I would find myself thinking better at night — I still do — and as a result, I would sleep later in the day than most people and then stay up later at night. Therefore, I would forget how most of the world operates (night=sleep) and that is how ‘Nick time’ came to be a thing. Back then I slept very little. My lack of sleep was startling and unhealthy. But, as I would say to people who would ask, I enjoyed not sleeping. I felt like I was getting more done. This sort of goes along with the “you can sleep when you are dead” mentality that some college students follow.

Needless to say, no one can live like this and I found myself becoming rather hard to get along with, angry all the time, and just more likely to take major chances with my body while skateboarding. Like I said, it was not good for me. Today, I am much more cognizant of how the lack of sleep can affect myself and those around me. So, I try to take some measures to put myself on the same schedule and get the proper amount of sleep. Sometimes, that is really hard for me as my mind is constantly running through events of the day and upcoming projects, so I’ve turned to sleep aids, like the Illumy Sleep Mask. It’s a device that I believe my younger self would have greatly benefited from.

Illumy Sleep Mask REVIEW


“Our modern lifestyle often prevents us from receiving natural cues that aid in a healthy sleep cycle. The Illumy smart sleep mask is a comfortable and lightweight smart sleep mask that blocks out unwanted light and provides its own light to trigger your body’s natural responses. Blue tones wake you gently and effectively in the morning before your chosen alarm time, and red-toned light helps you fall asleep at night. These are the same light cues used by NASA to regulate sleep on the space station”

This is the philosophy of Illumy as a product. It as a lot of built-in features, but ultimately, it’s designed to help your body with natural responses to stimuli like lighting. In addition to the light-blocking properties of the mask, Illumy has several high-tech options that can help ease you into sleep. First of all, it has a built-in alarm that includes a wake-up light. You set the alarm time with your mobile phone app and the mask will wake up with a sunrise lighting effect. You can choose to have an audible chime or silence along with your alarm lighting.

Illumy Sleep Mask REVIEW

On the flip side of the sunrise is the sunset, which helps ease you into sleep. This is the red-toned light that helps you fall asleep. There are a lot of studies out there that state red light is better for people as they try to sleep. Red light is supposed to help aid the production of melatonin – the hormone that your body naturally produces that makes you feel drowsy. So, Illumy is designed to ease your eyes into comfort with ‘sunset’ lighting. You can customize how long you want the light to be on for (10-60 minutes; the same timing can be applied to the sunrise lighting). In addition to the steady sunset light, there is also a Sleep Enhance feature that helps to eliminate distracting thoughts through sunset pulsations. You can use the same feature in the morning when you wake up, too.

Illumy Sleep Mask REVIEW

As an added feature, Illumy’s internal clock will adjust automatically when you set the time zone in the app. This is great for when you are traveling. The device arrives in a simple package that is based out of the hard-shell travel case of the mask. It comes with a charger, Micro USB charge cable, programming cable, user manual, and warranty reply card. Illumy’s cover is 100% washable.


When I first got the Ilummy Sleep Mask I was nervous about sleeping with it. Not because of the red lights, I completely understood the science of how the melatonin is increased by a red light. I was nervous because last summer I tried a normal sleep mask and by morning, my head was pounding with an incredible headache. Looking back on it, I think it was due to the tightness of the strap of the sleep mask but you can’t let fear rule you so I gave Illumy a shot and I’m glad I did.

When you get started with Illumy, you will want to download the app (iOS or Android) and customize the settings to your liking. You have the option to connect to the mask using the app or a computer. You have to connect to the mask using the programming cable. The mask is comfortable to wear as long as the strap is adjusted properly (not too tight, not too loose). There were a couple of times that I took the mask off in the middle of the night but definitely helped me get to sleep easier than without it. As for waking up, I was unfortunately not able to hear the chime because of my hearing impairment, but my fiance said it sounded a lot like a standard high-pitched alarm beep.

As an added feature, Illumy's internal clock will adjust automatically when you set the time zone in the app. This is great for when you are traveling. The device arrives in a simple package that is based out of the hard-shell travel case of the mask. It comes with a charger, Micro USB charge cable, Programming cable, user manual, and warranty reply card. Illumy's cover is 100% washable. 

Sunrise lighting in the mask.


I can recommend the Ilummy Sleep Mask as a useful sleep aid. I’m a little surprised at how the product’s website doesn’t describe how this specific product helps with sleep health. It only describes the sunset as providing red light — it doesn’t say how the red light is supposed to help.  The Illumy is now one of these devices that I will use on most nights. It really helps me sink into dreamland easily and stay there.

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