iKits 10-Port USB Charging Station makes charging multiple devices a breeze.

I’m running out of room on my office desk to store individual device stands. This is why finding something that would look good but also allow for me to keep all my tablets and smart phones in one place was a must. Thanks to iKits Charging Station, I have just that. The iKits Charging Station allows you to dock up to ten devices and charge them all via USB.

Between the 10 USB ports there is a combined 66 watts of power that supports simultaneous charging.  It’s got six USB 5V/1A ports and four 5V/2.4A ports for charging larger devices like tablets, or just faster charging of other devices. Even though they are labeled as being power-specific, the four ports labeled 5v/2.4A are actually equipped with intelligent IC, which auto identifies the device’s charging needs to deliver the fastest possible charging speed. Given that you can charge up to 10 devices at once, you might have a safety concern about the circuit overloading, but the iKits Charging Station has short circuit protection as well as over-current/over-voltage protection. The dock is built primarily with plastic, but the rests for your smart phones or tablets is made to that they sit solidly on rubber to keep them from getting scratched.

iKits 10-Port USB Charging Station REVIEW

The iKits dock has a power button on the side so you can kill the power going to your device at once or start charging them all at the same time. It’s also got four rubber feet on the bottom to keep the stand from sliding around your desk. One thing I would have liked to see is for small USB to be shipped with the charging station. I charge a bunch of devices from the stand so without the smaller lighting or USB cables I have a long cable nest on my desk, which I really despise. In fact, that’s the main reason I have resisted having something like this populate my desk for so long.

iKits 10-Port USB Charging Station REVIEW

The iKits Charging Station has been a godsend. Not too long ago, I was jockeying charging between my iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPhone 6s Plus, and my grandmother’s iPad Air on a single Lightning dock. As sturdy as that charging dock was, it was a pain to continue with that sort of work flow. After that dock, I tried charging from a non-powered USB dock that plugs into my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, I found that while that dock was good for connecting to my computer, it was a lousy solution for charging devices. The iKits Charging Station is perfect for my needs. It takes up minimal space on my desk and gets the job done with charging my devices.