iHealth View helps to keep accurate health records.

Not too long ago, I had an odd health episode. I found myself having a rapid heart rate when I was at rest. I felt odd. I thought it might be an isolated incident, but when it kept happening, I finally got it checked out. Thankfully, my Apple Watch was helping to record my heart rate at various times and I was able to use that as a benchmark for what was ‘normal’ or not. It was also helpful when I reviewed that with a doctor. It turned out to only be anxiety related, but it was enough to be worrisome.

There has been an insurgence of digital medical devices that consumers can use at home over the past couple of years. iHealth has been at the forefront of that market and are dedicated to helping people lead healthier lives. I’ve been fortunate enough to test out their wireless scale the iHealth Core and I really like the way their technology integrate with my iPhone. It’s been easy to use and connects well to the iOS app.

iHealth View Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor REVIEW

The iHealth Core scale was actually the main reason I was so stoked when the iHealth View Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor became available. My fiancé and I take care of his grandmother. And she recently fell and broke her hip. We have been fortunate enough to keep her at home while she recuperates from the surgery, but she also has COPD and we have to monitor her vitals pretty closely. We have a Pulse Oximeter finger meter and two different blood pressure cuffs, but neither of them is very convenient. And, since her blood pressure is a concern for us, we really like to keep a close eye on it in case action needs to be taken.

The iHealth View is a very comprehensive blood pressure cuff. It’s been clinically tested and connects to your phone automatically with Bluetooth SMART READY technology. The software creates intuitive charts which track your progress over time and the app provides cloud storage and allows you to share your data with family and doctors. The cuff comes packaged with a travel case, which is great because it means you can toss it in a bag and it can travel with you wherever you go. My personal favorite feature is that the iHealth View is rechargeable. It comes with a Mini USB charging cable, which makes it easy to keep the cuff powered at all times.

iHealth View Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor REVIEW

On the surface, the iHealth View is pretty straightforward and to be honest, a lot of the ‘magic’ happens in the app. iHealth’s MyVitals is a beautiful app that collects a lot of pertinent health data for you so that it’s easy to access at all times. That being said, I feel that the iHealth View is a very nice BP cuff. As I mentioned, we have a little bit of experience with this particular type of medical device and so I am able to make a direct comparison between the iHealth View and the other wrist monitor we have.

I decided to test out the iHealth View directly against the other wrist cuff we had – the ChoiceMMed Accurate Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. This wrist BP monitor is reasonably priced at $20. It’s not a bad device, but can be temperamental at times. Plus it takes two AAA batteries for power. That in itself becomes a problem for me when we are constantly using it for readings. Its use is very similar to the iHealth View. You wrap it around your left wrist and elevate your arm to a level that is close to your heart. Then you press start. Now, it can be very tricky to make sure the monitor is at the proper height for an accurate reading. The ChoiceMMED will not alert you if it’s not, but the iHealth View will. The digital display is easy to read on the ChoiceMMED as long as you have proper light and the iHealth View is backlit so you can easily read the display in any light. The motor on the inside of the ChoiceMMED is fairly loud while the iHealth View is very quiet.

As for the actual reading test, it seems as though my BP is a little high at this time. As you can see below, the two monitors captured very similar readings. I took the readings under similar circumstances and did them one right after the other. Both monitors were pretty quick for capturing the readings – the iHealth took about 50 seconds while the ChoiceMMED took about 30; sometimes it’s longer or shorter. Both cuffs are soft, but I found the iHealth to be more comfortable especially during testing.

iHealth View Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor REVIEW

So, I’ve discussed how the iHealth View measures up against another wrist monitor, now, how does it measure up against itself? First of all, I think the iHealth View takes accurate readings. It matched up pretty closely with the other wrist monitor and it matches what I know of my own body’s physiology. Second, while the iHealth View is meant to be a connected device, you can use it autonomously from your phone. That’s a very nice feature because it means you don’t have to stop for data to upload. You can simply measure and then when you have a few minutes, upload all the data you’ve taken to the MyVitals app.

One thing I really wondered about when the iHealth View was announced was would it be better than the other wrist monitors in the market? In my opinion, yes. Blood pressure readings are a specific set of data that you try to measure over time. With the standard wrist monitors – like the one I tested the iHealth against – you have to manually write down the readings. With that, there is always the possibility of a transcription error on the user’s part. iHealth View records the data digitally and sends it to your phone so you don’t have that margin for error. There may be other health devices that don’t need to be connected, but I think it makes a lot of sense for a blood pressure monitor to be one.

iHealth View Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor REVIEW

The iHealth View Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor is easy to use and takes fast accurate readings. I would recommend this to health care professionals and consumers alike.

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