iGlaze Ion Battery Case is perfection for the iPhone.

One of my most prized accessories for my phone is its case. I rarely use my phone without a case because of a prior experience I had where my phone was ruined. I’m a big proponent of using cases to protect mobile devices and know that it’s a delicate balance between protection and personal style. Moshi, a company known for its modern style, has a wonderful line of mobile phone cases that accentuate the natural beauty of the phone its on. I’ve been testing out the iGlaze Ion Battery Case for the iPhone 6 for the past week and couldn’t be happier with it.

iGlaze ion Battery Case Review

First, I want to state that before I slid the iGlaze Ion on my phone, I had the silicone case from Apple on it. That case was very functional and practical because it allowed me to charge my phone on a dock without having to remove my phone from it. I end up testing a lot of iPhone cases and I always end up switching back to my Apple case. This time, I’m not.

The iGlaze Ion is perfection for the iPhone in my opinion.

Looking at the case without the phone in it, there is a fine layer of soft fabric on the inside to protect the back of your phone from undue scratches when you install it or remove it from the case. The frame of the case is a two-layer hybrid that consists of a hard polycarbonate exterior with a shock absorbing inner frame. The volume buttons’ cover is actually simplified into one button and there are cutouts for the mute switch, headphone jack, Lightning port, and speaker. On the back, there is a stylish cutout for the camera and Apple logo. While this seems like a small touch, I really like that Moshi chose to not cover up the Apple logo.

iGlaze ion Battery Case Review

There are two color choices for the iGlaze Ion – brushed titanium or steel black. Both colors compliment the colors options of the iPhone beautifully. I have the Space Gray iPhone 6 and find that the brushed titanium is a very nice combination with my color choice. There is a nice soft feel to the outside of the case, which helps to provide a bit of traction so that it doesn’t slip from your fingers. That is always a prime concern for me and I was happy to see that Moshi took it into consideration when designing this case.

iGlaze ion Battery Case Review

Now, the second part to this case is its battery pack. I really love battery cases because they add an additional layer of function to the case aside from protection. Power is one thing that you can’t live without when you have a mobile phone. And the more features the phones have, the more they drain your battery. Having a battery case is a HUGE bonus in my opinion. One thing that I’ve never liked about them is that they are usually on the bulky side and taking them on and off is a hassle. The iGlaze Ion Battery Case has a rather unique design to it where the battery can actually slide off of the inner protective case so that you can use the phone without the battery when you don’t need it. This is a huge advantage over other battery cases.

iGlaze ion Battery Case Review

There are other cases in the market that have a similar design, but the iGlaze Ion battery pack connects to its inner case with a small hook that attaches inside the Apple icon cutout on the back of the case. It’s a rather unique design and an added touch of security. The battery pack has a small on/off button on the back alongside the power indicator LED lights. The battery is a great backup for your existing battery and doubles the battery life of your phone with a 2,750 mAh battery.

The Moshi iGlaze Ion Battery Case for iPhone is a wonderful compliment to the beautiful design of the device itself and a remarkable option for protection and additional power. With standard charging docks, the iGlaze Ion probably won’t slide on for charging, but I have found that it works quite well with charging docks that provide space for cases. The iGlaze Ion’s price is in line with other cases in its category, but it’s definitely a step above the rest in the market.

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